Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun with Anti-Runners

Feeling more like myself today. YAY! But since we've had some terrific comments here, on facebook, Runner's World, and Tribal Running about the dreaded anti-runners, I've decided I'm not quite ready to brush them under the rug just yet. Think we ought to have a little fun with them first.

How about you all give me your best one liner that you either have said or thought to yourself or thought later and wished you would have said when you came under attack for running. As one runner suggested over on Runner's World, we need to form a brigade. So let's have eachother's backs here. Maybe we'll never actually utter any of these lines out loud, but at least maybe we'll be able to hold our heads higher with these little gems running through our minds when the "you know, running is really bad for you..." begins.

Let's keep it clean and have a little fun!

'Til next time...


RunMom said...

Ok you twisted my arm, I'll go first. Since my experience has mostly been with people who don't exercise at all. I'm going with:

"Wow. Really? What do you do since you don't run?"

runsis said...

I dont really have a "line" but I hate when anti's ask you how fast/far you run and act like they're a better runner than you are. As if they actually decided to run (or "jog"-a term which I despise) or just imagine themselves as a runner, they would be able to beat the snot out of you. I hate telling people my times. Yes, I know I'm slow but at least I'm out there trying!!

TLS said...

about being injured I say: Yes I know, kinda counting on it. That way when I am old I will have old injury stories to talk about around the retirement home! haha