Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Stuff & Fun Things

It's Friday, so how 'bout a little fun. And who doesn't love free things?

I've been cruising around Bloggerville a bit lately and stumbled upon some of each and of course immediately thought I've got to share this stuff with the best followers in the world. (SIDENOTE: I will also be entering most of these contests myself, so if you happen to steal the prize from a contest that I brought to your attention I will of course be expecting a you are the GREATEST BLOGGER THAT EVER LIVED comment, tweet, status update, email or blog post from you upon notification of your win.)


Racing with babes - Training Tag-a-long running shirts for your tiniest training partners, the kiddos

Running off at the mouth - Sweet running skirt you choose

Melissa's Adventures in Living Life - Road Id, drinks, & a Bondi Band (which I honestly have no idea what it is but you can rest assured I'll be checking it out just as soon as I finish this post)

Endurance Isn't Only Physical - Fancy shcmancy running socks

I Run Because...I Can - Long sleeved running top (Hurry up on this one. Today's the last day!)

I couldn't have said it better- New recovery drink- Rockin' Refuel

Long Legs on the Loose - AH yeah....another running skirt

Running Through Life - Lots of tasty stuff plus a head band

I couldn't have said it better - New book soon to be released in May...Run Like a Mother by one of my favorite writing runner mom's often featured in Runner's World Dimity McDowell

Mission to (a)nother marathon- Surprise running goodie box

Tall Mom on the Run - Her 1 yr blog anniversary giveaway is coming soon. So go follow her that way you don't miss it


Ever notice something like this on a blog:

Running Training Log
It comes in various forms, sometimes just the little gold leaf, sometimes with complete workout stats, sometimes with a donut (yep, you read that right). Besides noticing it on a ton of blogs and receiving a few invitations by friends to come check it out, I also noticed it started showing up on Facebook and Twitter posts. So despite that fact that I already feel waaaaaay over committed with the couple of online running communities and social networking sites I've joined, I figured I'd check it out.

And all I can say is, I'm thoroughly impressed. Maybe it's the old coach or perhaps the new mom in me, but I love love love being able to leave a few words of encouragement on somebody's workout. It's sort of like facebook for runners (or walkers, or cyclists, or anybody who's doing some sort of exercise) and everybody's welcome from the newest runner to the fastest runner. You log your workouts and the site will calculate all kinds of things for you from the basic (calories burned) to the funny (number of donuts you worked off or tv's you powered). You can find runners and routes in your area, participate in a challenge, keep track of you goals, even integrate with twitter, facebook, and Nike+. It's just pretty sweet. So go check it out and add me as a friend. I do believe you can click on either of my new blog widgets (I still love that word btw): my upcoming races or cheeseburgers earned. If that doesn't work I used the same profile picture so you can spot me in a crowd. Sign up will take all of a minute and is...that's right baby...FREE!

Speaking of Twitter:

By: Twitter Buttons

If you're not already. I have an idea for the Boston Marathon, but you're going to need a twitter account. So go get one....Go right now. Click the birdie and follow me. Don't worry. I'll wait. I promise I won't continue until you get back :-).......................................................................


Have you seen these yet?

It's just one foot in front of another - By frequent commenter extraordinaire, Shelly AKA Jogging Stroller Mama AND the highest placed finisher in our Run4Cathy this past Thanksgiving. AND her son is an absolute doll not to mention an technological genius.

Marcia's got too readworthy blogs you should check out. Raising a healthy family in a drive thru world (which honestly, just by the title doesn't that make you want to read it?) The other one, which I feel obligated to tell you, Marcia is a complete and utter fitness rock star and it will take you just one click to realize that. I mean she's earned like 134 donuts but when you see her picture you know she ain't touching a single one. So visit her if you dare at Mission Possible. I just found her recently, but I've got a feeling she's a no excuses kind of mamma. Oh and she's a MI gal too, so that automatically earns her a gold star in my book.

More cool blogs to come, but I hear the littlest peanut stirring from her morning nap. So I've got to run for now.

'Til next time...

P.S. OOPS! Forgot to mention my poll. Right sidebar near the top. Go tell me what marathon to run this fall.


misszippy said...

Hey--thanks for becoming a follower and for posting my giveaway. I'm going to check out your marathon choices and weigh in!


Hi! Just wanted to let you know you won my giveaway! Stop by the blog and check out Sunday's post!

MarciaG said...

Thanks so much for the kind words!!
I just noticed you and i have a friend in common...Heidi Collier (VanHoey)! She and I had an apt. together in college! Small world....
Thanks again for the porps! ;-)