Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caution: You are entering an interval training zone...with children

I feel like I need a sign. A yellow caution sign for my basement. There'd be a black stick figure of me running on my treadmill in true logo form (running skirt and ponytail but minus the jogging stroller of course) next to which would be a small child stick figure playing with an even teeny tinier stick figure dolly. THAT is how I run intervals.

My last interval workout went a little something like this on paper:
1 Mile Warmup
200 meters
400 meters
600 meters
800 meters
1200 meters
800 meters
600 meters
400 meters
(each with a 90 second jog/walk rest in between)
1 Mile Cool Down

Simple enough right? Only I had to run that during Tiger Baby's nap with Rough & Tumble Little Princess in tow in my basement on the treadmill. To accomplish such a feat required a snack, a drink, a movie and a little mini Ariel doll along with her luggage (3 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, Flounder, Sebastian, an unnamed seahorse, a necklace, and a treasure chest...all currently on sale right now at Meijer complete with a tiny carrying case for $8.99 btw) to entertain my little darling who was coming along for the ride.

So were all set up and ready to go and this is how the workout actually went in the real world:

1 Mile Warm Up
Push the play button following the dvd stall after all the commercial previews
400 Meters
Help open snack & put Ariel's shoes on
600 Meters
Change Ariel's dress
800 Meters
Tie shoe (mine)
1200 Meters (Realize half way through that you've been running your speed workout on an incline because your husband forgot to decline the belt after his workout)
Take off Ariel's dress put tail back on
800 Meters
Help find Ariel
600 Meters
Tie shoe again (I don't know what my shoelace's problem was. Left foot only. Would not cooperate. Not in the mood for running I guess.)
400 Meters
Put Ariel's dress back on
Find one more show so there's time to get in a cool down and stretch
1 Mile Cool down
Help find Ariel's other two dresses, three pairs of shoes, necklace, Flounder, Sebastian, seahorse and treasure chest all of which went missing in the short time it took to complete the workout. (Fortunately, all were eventually recovered.)

PHEW. You should see me running like a fool between the treadmill and my daughter, trying to get it all in without missing a beat. (Hence the need for a sign. Lookout world! There's a fast moving focused mamma down here!) But perhaps the real accomplishment in all this is that I have successfully trained an almost four year old to wait until the treadmill slows down to ask for favors instead of interrupting my hard running (well...almost...she makes her requests whenever the mood hits, but she knows I won't oblige until I get a break in my workout and waits patiently. Actually, it works out great. I'm so distracted yelling "what? WHAT? Speak up."
to try to hear her over the hum...nay...ROAR of my fast moving treadmill belt and then busy planning how to get whatever task I've promised her done during my 90 second rest, that the intervals seem to get done in no time).

So really, I suppose you could say I run my interval workouts to teach my daughter patience. Now if I happen to get fitter and faster in the process, so be it. Who am I to complain?

'Til next time...


Anonymous said...

Very funny Kelly!! Kids sure do demand a lot from us regardless of how engaged we are in something else. Kudos to you for handling it well and still getting your run in.

daily mom said...

i am so glad that i came upon your blog. reading your post was like reading a part of my life on the treadmill. how funny...and how challenging it can be. right?

Staci Dombroski said...

Oh my goodness! I always wished I had a treadmill at the house, now you are making me second guess it :-) It does sound like a great interval workout though!

Jen said...

ROFL... just like me. It gets better as the gets get older. Thank goodness we have a DS.

BTW: Check out my blog for a new giveaway!

Running in the Family said...

Fantastic! So glad you can get your training done in front of your kids. You're setting a great example! Before you know it, your logo will look more like ours - Mom and daughter running together.

Keep it up!

runnanna said...

Hilarious! Of course, sometimes I am secretly happy to have an interruption so that I have to (GET TO) stop and get a break for a few seconds...of course not on an interval workout!!I would probably "lose" the Airiel shoes and make her be a mermaid 24-7 if she can't keep track of those shoes! Good job...she may be learning are perfecting it!

gene said...

Morgan has a stick figure sign on her blog ( mebbe she can tell you where you can get your own customized sign! sounds like a great idea.....
congrats on the intervals!

Getting My Words Out said...

Just found your blog-love it. Hilarious!! Very impressive that you continue on. Way to go!!