Thursday, January 7, 2010

Run 4 Cathy Slide Show

Finally! The highly anticipated slide show from Run 4 Cathy. My apologies that it NEVER ends and just keeps replaying. I have spent forever trying to get it to stop at the end to no avail. Hopefully you didn't get stuck in a vicious slide show circle there. And also sorry about the teeny tiny Natasha Bedingfield video in the corner. It's so small I figured we could live with it (actually it's kind of a cool video, just click on it if you want to see it bigger). Other than that thanks so much to the super awesome Run4Cathy runners (the ones you see & the ones you don't) who ran and raised some much needed funds for my sister-in-law, who is doing GREAT btw).

Also FYI: dedicated post for the highest fundraiser is still to come. I'd do it now, but then this post wouldn't be solely about him or her as promised now would it? Plus I totally reek from my tempo run (at a 9 min mile pace. Swear. But don't ask how many miles, just remember at one point it was well above 10...ok maybe even 12min miles.)

'Til next time...


runnanna said...

Congrats to all the Cathy runners! God bless you all. Continue to pray for Cathy!Great slide show runmom.

Kelly's runner said...


Great slideshow. Wonderful to see the support Cathy has from so many people.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this.


Staci Dombroski said...

Great slideshow!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :-)

TLS said...

The slidshow is amazing! As are all the wonderful runners and behind the scenes people that made it such a success! Thank you!