Saturday, January 16, 2010


You know what happens when you jokingly call your sister the devil in a public blog post? God sits up and takes sides.

That can be the only possible reason for my recent unbelievably stupid injury. And I'll give you one guess where it

I got hit by a car...door...being opened by...myself. (See I told you this was a stupid injury).

These are the facts as I know them. Being that I am the victim, perpetrator and sole witness to the event at hand, I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it.

We parked the car. I got out and shut the door. So far so good. I opened the rear passenger door, unbuckled my singing 3 year old, helped her down (it's an SUV) and...shut the door without successfully injuring anyone. Now with hands free, I made the fatal move of attempting to retrieve my purse/snack/toy/diaper bag from the front passenger seat I had recently occupied (and mind you, successfully operated the door of said seat just minutes earlier). Handle problem. Handle pull...still no problem. But we were running a little behind (as usual) and so I pulled the door pretty hard to open it quickly without giving myself time to get of the way (pure genius, I tell ya).

Did I smack my head? No. Shoulder? Nuh uh. Hip? Nope. It was my right calf, right side. And I didn't exactly smack it. No no. I am far more talented than that. I injured my leg with only the smallest portion possible of the door. The bottom corner. Which though it may not be sharp and I was in fact wearing pants, somehow it was still able to do some serious damage. Actually, since the door wasn't sharp, it wasn't successfully able to pierce my leg, rather only able to shave off a layer of skin which is probably a good thing otherwise I'd have been a mess with not even a princess tattoo band aid handy (note to self: band aids should necessarily go in the diaper bag).

Now upon examination, the actual point of contact between door corner and my calf looked to be the size of about an inch. However since the door did not completely break the skin, the bleeding took place internally. Which I realized a little later that night, following some cross training (stationary bike 30 min) upon re-examination. A purple and red puffed up bruise about the size or your hand (ok hand...I don't know how big yours are. Maybe I should go with something else? Hmmm....let's say orange) had appeared.

It gets better though. Monday AM, I got up early and put in an easy 3 miles (I was so proud of getting up early:-) but more on night running vs morning running another time). The leg was sore some but not too awful bad. That was until...wait for it (this is even better than the car door)...I walked into the corner of a bench....a big my hallway...that's been there for weeks...AND...hit the same calf. Nice. Now I didn't hit in exactly the same spot but pretty much mirrored it on the other side.

Still, Tuesday AM, when the alarm went off at 6:00, I got up to run again (go me!!), but found with the first few steps the leg just wasn't right. It felt like the two injuries had merged and the whole calf up through the back of the knee hurt. Now, maybe I could have walked it off a bit. I don't know. But I run on a tight schedule on Tuesdays, trying to get my little girlie girl to pre-school on time and I really didn't factor in the extra few minutes required to do so. So I took Tuesday off.

And Wednesday was already scheduled off day so....

Then came Thursday. The leg still kind of hurt and was starting to display a variety of interesting colors (so much so that I believe my sister's exact words when I showed her were "Oh God. That's disgusting."), but the truth of the matter on Thursday is that I really wanted to see the new Office (which wasn't on yet dangit, Jan 21st if you're interested...wait...that's next week. YAY!) and there was a (small) bowl of (multi-grain) cheddar chips (Meijer brand, pretty good btw) that had my name on it (since I was the one who put the chips in the bowl in the first place). Besides even though I am not a doctor (nor do I play one on tv) I'm pretty sure the correct medical treatment for two freaky weird injuries on the same leg close together resembling something of a rainbow is to NOT run and to instead take a couple days to recoup, let weird vibes travel somewhere else, and indulge in a little snackage. I mean I know I read that somewhere once. Probably somewhere REALLY credible too like or

But the good news is, I'm back at it. Leg is fine. Although it still looks pretty sick (good thing it's winter). But I ran a hill workout yesterday and a tempo run today. Now I've just got to cram a long run in tomorrow, then I'll be back on the schedule Monday. So all's well that ends well I suppose.

And the lesson learned from all this: When your sister gives you brownies, just say thank-you.

'Til next time...

Watch your doors!


shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

and benchs!!

Glad to hear it was just soft tissue damage. I was beginning to think you were going to say you broke something! Thank goodness you didn't

Staci Dombroski said...

Glad to hear that you are doing better and you learned your lesson :-) Have a great week!

runnanna said...

Ouch! I saw it folks and it is a giant bruise! Take it easy Runmom! btw.....What do you mean your hands are as big as an orange??Just your palm or with fingers spread out too. I think you meant as big as your PALM not your hand. That made me laugh as I pictured your regular sized arms with Madelyn sized hands!! Ha, ha...I'm still laughing. Can you picture it??? Anyway...hilarious post that we can all (at least in OUR family!) relate to.

runsis said...

Maybe your car is really the devil!! It's taken out your leg and a booster seat all in one week;) Maybe you should carpool?