Saturday, February 28, 2009

Secret No. 2: I Have Little Fans but Only on My Desperate Running Days

I don't actually mean that I hardly have any fans, although that would be true too. And perhaps I should clarify, by fans I am not referring to the revolving blades on my treadmill that I do not actually use for cooling off as much as I do for blowing the stink of my husband's precious gifts or rather bombs that he likes to stop by and offer as I run from time to time (ok he only did this once, but I will continuously remind him of the horror of his crime and as such a horrific crime the punishment of being blogged into infamy must stand lest he forget and I become the victim once again).

By little fans, I'm talking about my girls. Chloe, Happy Birthday to her by the way, is my 3 year old who is also a running freak. From time to time, I'll take her down to my little running world, the basement, which I have setup with a TV and all sorts of her old toys she's lost interest in although they seem to have new life for her when they're locked away only to be seen on my desperate running days. Desperate running days, for me, are defined as the days that I am scheduled to run, but actually have no way of getting in my run without somehow involving my children. Because I'm sorry, but there is simply no person in their right mind who actually prefers running with their children to running alone, at least none with children under the age of about 5. It is an act of desperation.

So here's how Chloe has become my fan. On desperate running days, I take her downstairs with a snack and a juice box and a blanket and set her up with a movie. This never ever works, but for some strange reason I do it anyway, hoping it will at least stall her long enough to get in a mile or two. Once the movie wears off, I try to point out all of the exciting features of her old toys while I run. This also never ever works, but again, just hopin' to run at least a little farther. Now somewhere in the middle of all this will come a chorus of no no no, don't touch that, get off that, and sit down or I'll take you upstairs I mean it as she tries to find her own enterainment in a basement full of endless possibilities. But somehow I'll manage to stay on the treadmill.

Finally, I'll revert to this little bit of insanity. I up the pace. For some strange reason when my child hears that treadmill beep and the sound of the belt pick up speed, she suddently becomes an Olympic track star and begins sprinting in circles around the basement. Now she will do this for as long as I keep the speed up and if she starts to get distracted and I beep again and up the speed some more, she'll get back to it.

Only one problem...I AM NOT THAT FAST! So why has she become my fan? Because SHE wants to run fast but will only do it if I do. So on desperate running days, one of my littlest fans, keeps me movin' with her own cheerleading mantra "Go Mommy Go! Go Mommy Go!" and my personal favorite "Run Fast Mommy! Run Fast!" (hence my url in her honor)

So how do you punk out on a run when your 3 year old's giving you all she's got? Answer...You don't. So somehow I manage to get my run in, in an utterly desperate sort of fashion.

I'll tell you about my other little fan next time...

P.S. If you want to hear the infamous fart story, I posted the link at the bottom. That's right hon, they're all still reading about it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

VICTORY! I Have a Follower

Sweet Validation. Someone has read at least something I wrote and in fact not only enjoyed it but found the content to be so relevant, current, and informative that they decided to follow me and keep up on all of my latest and greatest as it most certainly will positively affect their own running and/or mommyhood experiences. I actually have a FOLLOWER!

Ok you got me. I'll admit it. It's not a mommy, but he is a runner. He's my husband. But that still counts right? I mean if you're own husband won't follow you're blog who will? And more importantly what IS Uniqua, since we can if fact identify Pablo, Tasha, Austin, and Tyrone? (oh sorry... distracted by the new Backyardigans and pondering the great unanswerable question about the strange silly polka dotted creature currently dancing on my TV)

Back on topic. Only one problem about all of this, my next post was in fact going to be about him or rather a little known secret that I am keeping from him. Maybe I should re-think this? Can you block followers? Should I change topics? Hmmm...

'Til next time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Secret No. 1: I Run on a Treadmill

Might as well come clean right from the start. I am a treadmill runner. When the time comes that you run more on one than off, it's time to 'fess up.

With a 5 month old and a 3 year old, long gone are the days when I can take a leisurely stretch, lace up my shoes and head out the door. No, these days I make a mad dash for the basement the minute both my girls are asleep and crank that puppy up to running speed.

Would I prefer to run outside? ABSOLUTELY! And whenever I can, especially when it comes to long runs, I do. But I have started to develop a good friend in my treadmill. I never get backed out on because of the weather. I don't have to worry about that creepy guy riding his bike back and forth in the same spot on the trail with that goofy grin that says I might just have a few screws loose. I rarely ever swallow a bug. I have never had to jump a dog leash because the dog owner seems to be oblivious to the fact that there are also actual live human beings using the trail. And the only car I've ever had to dodge was of the make and model pink disney princess. So the treadmill has it's pluses too. And in an often times chaotic household, there are days when I can almost hear that soft purr calling me. "I'm waiting for you. It's not nuts down here."

So even though I know that many of you runners out there loathe the treadmill and some in fact don't even consider it "real running," I'm a mom and I do what mom's do which is whatever it takes to get the job done. So say it with me now, I am a treadmill runner and I am ok. :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Should I Read This Silly Little Running Blog?

Short answer. I don't know. I have no idea why you might be interested in the ramblings of a 30 year old mom of two young girls who likes to call herself a runner.

In fact, not only do I have no idea why you would want to read this, but I don't even know why I am writing this. Except that I like to talk about running more than the people around me like to listen to me talk about running. I have converted a few poor souls to the dark side over the years, my mom and my husband are two of my personal favorite converts. But other than them most of my friends just tolerate my incessant runspeak with a blank stare, a half hearted grin and a nod of the head.

No, salty sweating, swarms of mosquitos attacking you during a quick pee break on a long run, chafing in places you never quite expected, and other tales from the trails don't usually make much sense to them. And the question "why don't you just run a shorter marathon?" is never satisfactorily answered to my non-running pals.

So here I begin. Perhaps I'll find a few of you out there who share my running sentiments. Or maybe this blog will forever be lost in the vast abyss of bloggdom. But either way, I'll have gotten in my little running talk fix and my friends will be forever grateful.

Oh and P.S. you'll probably also have the distinct pleasure of reading about the insanity that only a 3 year old can provide one whom I might add is pretty sure she is in fact the fastest little gurl in da world...well that and a pirate. Aargh Matey!