Monday, November 16, 2009

Rest Recovery and Race Reviews

Only a week behind on that race review. Sorry about that ladies & gents. I've been resting and recovering and resting some more. Well that is of course if by resting you mean chasing around the fastest crawling 1 year old on the planet who refuses to walk but insists on climbing and her 3 year old sister who as of late seems to be temporarily insane because of sugar withdrawls from the sudden disappearance of all remaining Halloween candy in our house the day after my marathon (ok I might be responsible for that one).

But as for running, not so much lately. Though I did have the pleasure of a 5 1/2 mile run with my sister, husband and a new unnamed runner we have dragged into the mix (why do new runners always insist on keeping their running a secret btw? Have we not yet come far enough as a society that one can run without fear of public humiliation? Must we still restrict our inclination to move our bodies at a rapid pace to the confines of our basement on a treadmill or keep our outdoor running limited only to those days which require us to wear enough layers that our true identity is disguised for fear of ridicule? Come on people! I think we have come farther than that ;-)

That's about it and I plan to keep it kind of limited throughout the holidays since they seem to be crazy enough. Just enough running to keep from packing on the pounds sounds about right to me (although with all the tasty holiday treats that could quite possibly BE marathon training!).Though I have selected my next race I do believe. I'm thinking the Martian 1/2 Marathon. (Judge me not for picking the 1/2! I'm still in break mode here and the 1/2 is sounding mighty nice right about now. Don't worry there'll be more fulls in my furture!) And I know I know you all listened to me complain about the hills last time at this race, but I really did like it and now that I know what to expect the complaints should be at a minimum (I promise).

But on to that Monumental Marathon race review. It's over on my favorite race review website and you can read it by clicking here. Don't forget to review your fall races there. It's quick, easy and helpful to runners like me looking for a new race to run and wanting to get the hardcore facts from real runners (like when the race is advertised as fairly flat what is actually meant is NOT FLAT or that the lines at the port-a-potties pretty much make PRing possible only if you are PEEing all over yourself instead of waiting in them).

And since we're on the subject of not forgetting, please also don't forget about running on Thanksgiving for for my sister-in-law, Cathy. You can read about that by clicking here. She just found out she is going to have to go through some more treatment which means those medical bills are going up and she could use our help. If you've already read about Run 4 Cathy and you've decided to run for her, I'll need those donations by Friday, November 20th to express ship your shirt so you get it before Thanksgiving. If you choose a race sometime after Thanksgiving that's great too! Just give me about 10 days to get your shirt to you in time for your run.

Thank-you so much to everybody for your support! We've got a nice little running crew going on over there and every little bit helps to relieve some of the family's financial burden!

'Til next time...

P.S. If you aren't able to do a run for Cathy but would still like to help, please email me at Perhaps you could sponsor another runner?

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