Friday, October 30, 2009

Running, Turkey, Free Shirts &

I know! Can you believe I said that?! I can't. But you see, I desperately needed you to read this post and if there's anything I've learned since I've started blogging it's that without a clickable title nobody's reading your stuff. And come on, what's more clickable than boobs right. Women appalled at my audacity to blog about such a topic are certainly going to click to leave me a message of disgust. And men, well really do I even need to explain that?

Don't get me wrong. There will be talk of running, turkey, free shirts, and yes, even boobs. If there wasn't I'm sure you would all sully my good blogging name across the wide wide Internet world for falsely advertising the content of my posts with misleading titles and we wouldn't want that now would we? So without further ado, as promised, gobble gobble jiggle jiggle (Oh no! It's even worse than I thought it would be!)

All kidding aside, what I so desperately needed to tell you about is my sister-in-law, a young mother of three who stood up in my wedding and was one of the first to visit me in the hospital after having both my daughters. She was there to sit bedside when my oldest was sick just 10 days after she was born and I was terrified even bringing along cookies in an attempt to easy my worries with chocolate (which quite frankly, as a side note, you can never go wrong with). When my family was faced with a recent tragedy, she did not hesitate to drop everything she was doing to babysit a couple of unruly toddlers (mine AND my sister's) despite having her three kids in tow. You really can't be in the same room with her and not smile and there's a good chance if you spend any length of time with her she'll have you laughing. She's one of those rare people whom upon first meeting you feel as if you're already old friends.

But no I didn't suck you in with my goofy title to brag about what a wonderful sister-in-law I have. I sucked you in because she needs your help. You see, Cathy has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a shocker being that there is no family history on my husband's side, but it also came on top of an already difficult situation. Earlier in the year, her husband became one of many victims in this tough Michigan economy when he was laid off his automotive job. He has since been able to find another job, but the health insurance hasn't kicked in just yet and even when it does my sister-in-law, Cathy, will be considered a pre-existing condition and not covered. Cathy has already exhausted government grants and Medicaid will cover some but not all of her costs.

Now the good news is localized breast cancer with early diagnosis and early treatment is 98% curable, so I suppose if you must be faced with some form of this nasty disease, this is the one to have. The bad news is with Cathy having to temporarily leave her job for treatment coupled with the high cost of medical expenses, her family is faced with a tremendous financial burden.

But a friend of mine (who also happens to be a running mom) asked if she could do any running for the cause. Which got me to thinking...why couldn't all my running pals run for Cathy? Runners are good souls. Just look at all the races run across the country for various causes. It's what we do.

So here's what I propose: a Thanksgiving run for Cathy since probably a good 80% of us will all be running Turkey Trots somewhere to justify eating enough to feed a small army on Thanksgiving anyway. Now my husband really wants me to call this Save a Breast on Turkey Day but that just does NOT seem right to me. So we'll go with Run 4 Cathy (unless you all come up with a better suggestion. Here's the details:


1. Pick a race. Preferrably a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving because what a cool thought for Cathy to have that people across the country will be running for her that morning (and also because there's usually lots of places having races that day.) But it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving. Any distance on any day works, 1mile, 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2. Whatever. If there's not a race in your area, how about you just lace up the shoes and go for a run in her honor then?

2. Let me know. Leave a comment on this post or email me at if you prefer to be anonymous to the world (or you can't figure out how to make the comments work which seems to be a common problem these days). Just tell me what you're doing. For example: I am running for Cathy at the Turkey Trot in Detroit on Nov 26th. It's a 10K. I'll create a sidebar gadget with a list of all the people that are running, where and how many miles. It'll be kind of cool to see. And don't worry I can just put your Google username or anonymous if you want to remain mysterious.

3. Raise money. Every little bit helps! Even $5 or $10 adds up. If you are able to raise $50, I will send you a cotton t-shirt free specially designed by yours truly (which instantly raises the value to priceless right? ;-) or if you raise $100 or more I will send you a long sleeved performance wicking shirt. (let's be clear here, T-shirt OR long sleeved not both. Remember the goal is to raise money not necessarily increase the size of our running wardrobes) If you raise the most money, I will dedicate an entire post to you. I can even do this if you wish to remain anonymous and refuse to talk to me. Yes, I am that good. Test me.

4. Make your secure donation via paypal. Or send your friends here to make theirs. See the little donation button on my blog over there on the right underneath the picture of Cathy's family. That's where you do it at. Now here's the tricky part, since I am not as high tech as I really can't track who's donations go with who. So what I will need you to do to properly get credit for your shirt is one of two things, either make just one donation under your name OR let me know who made a donation that you referred. So yes, your friends will actually have to tell this time if they've done it. **DONATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13th in order to get your shirt to you before Thanksgiving. OR BY FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20th if I express ship it to you. If you choose to have your shirt express shipped, please add an additional $10 to your donation to cover the additional shipping expenses. If you don't care when you get your shirt, then don't worry about the deadlines :-)

5. Send me an email. At to let me know it's done and I need to get you a shirt. Something to the effect of: hey Kelly this is ... I just donated $100 or hey Kelly this is ... and the donations from Kara Goucher, Ryan Hall, and Brian Sell all go with me and add up to over $100 so I'll be needing that shirt now. And I will answer back something to the effect of: I just checked and found all those donations. You rule. Where would you like your shirt shipped to? Once you tell me, I'll get it ordered and shipped right away. It takes about 7-10days.

6.Wear your shirt at the race. Because we all know it's not cool to wear the shirt of the race that you're racing in so you might as well wear something else that's fashionable, free and for a good cause. And hey who knows, maybe somebody will see the website on the shirt and make another donation. Just like that you've increased your fundraising efforts without ever saying a word.

7. Send me a picture of you in your shirt. I'll put together a little slideshow we can post on the website and it can be our little gift to Cathy. She's got a long road ahead and maybe that slideshow can be my version of chocolate chip cookies for her since if I actually baked them they would turn out just this side of rock hard.

So that's the deal. If you've got any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let me know. And if you want to learn more about Cathy and the fundraising efforts her family and friends are working on to try to make this difficult time for her a little less so, please visit And no running back here to tell me I plagiarized the stuff at the beginning about Cathy from that website. It's quite possible that I had a little something to do with the writing on that site as well and as far as I know you can not actually plagiarize from yourself unless of course you do not give yourself permission to use your own stuff. And in that case my friend you have far worse problems than plagiarism.

Thanks in advance for your support!

'Til next time....

P.S. You can also come join our facebook group for Cathy by clicking here. It's a great place to leave words of encouragement or prayers for her. And if you happen to live in the Southeastern MI area, your definitely going to want to join because we are planning some pretty sweet fundraising events that you are not gonna want to miss!

P.P.S. One last thing you should know about Cathy. The week she found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer also happened to be the week of the Detroit Free Press Marathon which her husband was training for, his first. He offered not to run it, if she didn't want him to. She not only encouraged him to run the race he'd train so hard for, but came up to cheer him on in various spots on the course with her two oldest children and ran the last little bit with him near the finish. Honestly guys, Cathy is a very special lady.


RunMom said...

So you know I've got to start us off!

The whole Runfastmommy crew will be running races of varying distances for Cathy in Detroit on Thanksgiving.

shellyrm said...

I have a race the weekend before Thanksgiving. Sorry - Small town not a lot of races but I'll keep looking for a TDay race. I'll get to collecting donation for Cathy.

I'll be praying for her and her family.

RunMom said...

Thanks so much Shellyrm!

Kelly's runner said...


I am in. 4 mile Turkey Trot in Denver, Colorado.

This is a great idea and yes, the title of the post is intriguing.

I will keep Cathy in my prayers and I will be honored to be running for her on Thanksgiving day.