Monday, October 5, 2009

Delayed Onset Chafing

So is this gross? I've got to know right from the get go. Maybe I've been running long enough now that things like snot rockets, chafing and losing toe nails no longer disgust me (not that I've lost a toe nail, it just seems like I'm always running into people who do. Wonder if they just need a different pair of shoes? Or perhaps just hanging around me causes people's toe nails to fall off?) But my husband tells me to follow the snot rocket post with chafing is probably just too much for my audience and I'm sure to lose followers.

But these are serious issues for runners, issues that beg discussion. So post away I will and if I by chance offend one of my devoted followers who in turn decide to unfollow me, then so be it. I can not hide the truth in fear of losing a fair weather follower.

You see, my Body Glide (anti-chafing stick) is missing. Well, at least it was on Sunday, when I headed out the door for my 10 mile run. For those of you who are non-runners or haven't perhaps headed out the door for the long haul yet, you might not be aware of what a dire necessity this is. Shorter distances, go out for your run and it's no big deal. But once you start getting up there in miles you learn that what may have been a minor annoyance on a shorter run, is now borderline major injury. For me, it's inner thigh rub but this is by no means the limit of Body Glide's usage. I have serious doubt there's a body part it has not been used on (ok so maybe my husband's right this is gross...better move on).

But the 10 miles needed to get done so the run had to go on, despite the lack of inner thigh protection. The good news was cold (not on the level of freaking cold, I mean I eventually took off my sweatshirt and was running in a tank top. But I will go with pretty darn cold). Cold enough that my legs were semi frozen, so I had the good fortune not to feel the chafing as it happened.

The bad news...when I finished the run and started to warm up, my legs began to defrost. And then it happened...the chafing began to set in. The worst chafing I have ever had. I had to literally walk like some kind of cowboy from old western movies. Delayed Onset Chafing, no chance to ease into the pain....not good. Lesson learned: DO NOT LOSE YOUR BODY GLIDE.

Never fear, I found it since then. It's locked up in a safe and undisclosed location so therefore it will be exactly where I left it when it comes time to pack for Chicago and the BIG RUN.

'Til next time...

P.S. Ran my first race ever with my mom AND sister this weekend. You know my sister, she affectionately refers to herself as RunSis and would also be the one who told both my mom and I that she would NEVER EVER run and we should stop asking. Yeah, that one. She ran her first 5K on a pretty hilly course with some nice wind in her face Sunday AND ran EACH mile 1 minute faster than her fastest mile EVER, smashing her goal time by a minute+. But don't worry, she's beating herself up because she walked for a few seconds twice. Oh and did I mention she only started running a couple months ago and she has never run anywhere other than a treadmill. Go ahead...feel free to smack her around in the comments a little bit here. She deserves it ;-)


John Vezina said...

For me, Body Glide is too expensive considering I'd be going through buckets of it. I just use cheap zinc oxide baby ointment, you know, the white stuff. Makes a gooey mess and doesn't last as long as the Body Glide, but it lasts long enough for a marathon. And while you are on the topic of gross, whenever I go for a long run which is about once a week, I shave my nipples so the bandades I put on them aren't so painful to take off. Otherwise I get bleeding nipples.

Jill said...

Congrats to your sister - how nice that you got to run their first race with them. FUN!

I carry one of those tubes of chap stick in my fuel pack that I take on long runs and use it specifically for spots that start rubbing. I'm not sure if I've built up an immunity to the inner thigh problem but I thankfully don't have that yet sometimes need it in unexpected other places (like on the marathon Sunday, I got a bad spot on the front of my leg where the liner from my shorts were rubbing. Huh? That's never happened before). Anyway, hope you can recover fast...and good idea to lock up that Body Glide :).
Happy miles!

Anonymous said...

What kind of shorts do you wear? I was having some inner thigh chafing issues until I switched to the the Nike dry fit running shorts. Now I don't even use the body glide and I haven't had any issues.

runnanna said...

Runsis was awesome. It was a tough 1st run..cold, windy, hilly and she really stuck it out and ran faster than she's ever run before!!So proud of all the work that went into getting her there! And by the way, she looks fantastic! Bring on Detroit!

RunMom said...

Ok I think John wins. His was far grosser than mine. So see I'm not gross :-)

RunMom said...

Anonymous, I'm wearing a running skirt actually. I think the problem is that it's too big. When I bought it way back when I started training for the marathon, it was just right, but now it's slightly fallin' off ( feels so good to say that...bye bye baby weight!) I know I need a new one, but I am currently a freak about not changing anything until AFTER the marathon. Maybe I'll go hunt down some of those Nike shorts. Thanks for the suggestion!

RunMom said...

tube chap stick eh? Usually I'm good if I just apply body glide at the start, but definitely not a bad idea to take a stick with you just in case. Who makes it?

Anonymous said...

i found this great product on etsy its called secret shield. i've had inner thigh chafing all my life and tried all kinds of products. Secret shield feels awesome is 100% veggie derived and works. it a little hard to find but heres a link