Wednesday, September 9, 2009

See George Run

And stop. And run. And stop. And run again.

That would be me this past Sunday on my 22 mile long run. Now don't freak out if you're new to marathon training or if it's old hat too you and start screaming I am running too far. I know already that most training plans take you nor more than mile 20. Only problem I have with this is my head, which we've already discussed at length numerous times. 20 miles is not close enough to the big 26.2 to make it feel accomplishable, at least not to me. Put me within two miles and I'm good to go. Anything more than that and there's a good chance Bad Kelly will talk me out of it. But I digress...

Back to start and stop. I kid you not. I stopped for potty breaks (some pottyless...ewww...gross...I know) no less than 7 TIMES! Four of which came before I hit mile 10. So what exactly was my problem? I haven't the foggiest. Nothing was different from any other morning except that it was a little on the chilly side. But come on, 7 times just because I was cold. I'm not buying it. Plus the last 3 were not of the quick variety if you know what I mean.

That being said, I did however finish just barely above 4 hours on a hilly course. Subtracting at least 10 minutes for all the ridiculous stops (am I the only person who frequently subtracts from her finishing time for various mishaps and obstacles?) that puts me right in range of goal time for Chicago. Yipee!

Now onto why I'm George Castanza. It's quite simple. I'm a mom (huh?). No, I'm not getting my Seinfeld's mixed up. Because I am a mom, I am frequently in a hurry and no matter how much time I leave myself, nothing ever goes as planned. There's always a last minute spitup, poop explosion, teary meltdown, injury of some sort (speaking of which...$150 for a 3 yr old's flowergirl dress, $40 for her dyed shoes, giant bruised knot on her head from twirling for Grandpa straight into the arm that lifts the leg rest on the lazy boy chair the week of the wedding...PRICELESS) or something, which prevents me from being on time and getting everything done that I want to get done (in other words, it's never my fault :-) And the same is true for my runs. I am rarely ever NOT in a rush to get them in and get cleaned up so that I can get on with all the demands from our littlest family members who do not understand things like a recovery period, ice baths, and time to stretch.

And it is because of this, that I, like George Castanza, probably more often than I would like to admit, find showers don't stick (anybody see that one? Tried to find it to post, but couldn't. Sorry:-( ) I make a lame attempt to cool down from my runs with a hot shower (how's that for logic?). Then when finished, make a frantic attempt to get everything packed up for wherever we happen to be going that day. I get the girlies strapped into their car seats ("No, do not turn all the lights on in the car. Yes, I'll get you a drink. Yes. we can listen to your princess songs. WOULD YOU SIT IN YOUR SEAT PLEASE!") only to find that I am now pouring with sweat again which is not only unattractive, but also, well, stinky. But what's a gal to do? The runs got to get done right?!

'Til next time...
May all your showers stick!

P.S. If you've got another moment and you want to read something far more inspiring than anything you will ever read here. Hop on over and meet Karlos. He's just one of the many amazing kids we're running the Detroit Marathon relay for.


runnanna said...

Give up. Skip the shower. What's the point??? I hear you have a baby who likes to lick the salt off of you anyway!!!!!

P.S. Great run!!

Runsis said...

I do believe this is what you were looking for!

George: "What day is today?....Aw. ..Tuesday! Damn it. I shouldn't have worked out today. Mr Wilhem has called a big meeting and now I'm gonna be sweating through the whole thing."

Jerry: "Why. You took a shower?"

George: " wouldn't take...... ten minutes from now, I'll be sweating all over again ,I can feel it. I'm a human heat pump!"

Kramer: "You should take cold showers."

George: "Cold showers? They're for psychotics."

Kramer "Well I take 'em........ They give me a Whooooosh."

Jill said...

I, too, believe you need to go over 20-miles to get yourself mentally, if not physically, prepared for a marathon! I got up to 28 before I went to Boston...and I can't help but think that this also makes me "ready" for a 50K if I ever decide I want to do it.

Great job on the run!! 7 times to potty ... um, not sure but maybe you extra hydrated the day before?

Good luck in Chicago! I'll be doing Portland the weekend before!
I'll be thinking of you during your run!

Margi said...

Great story! Everyone thinks my life is hectic but I think yours has me easily topped! Great run. I often have potty issues of my own. I try to run a course where I can make a stop if need be. Thankfully, most times it isn't necessary.

Thanks for sharing.

Best of luck on your future runs.