Tuesday, September 1, 2009

George Castanza's CRIM Picture

Yep that's it. In all it's glory. That is my one and only photo from the CRIM (aren't you so thrilled I figured out how to get that beauty off my phone and onto this blog).

That is what happens when gorgeous temps draw out record numbers of participants for MI's most well known race (outside of the marathon of course). But your going to have to use your imagination a touch to get the full effect of this photo (sorry, I know you weren't looking to do any work reading this post, but it's not like I'm asking you to change a poopy diaper or anything).

You see this trash can was not only a trash can. No...it was a challenge. What you don't see is the reason the heaping mountainous trash has piled so high and no doubt piled higher even after I left. The very goal of every worn out runner with the trash from their post race goodies became to see if they could carefully balance it on the top. Now each person had only one shot at it. As you can see, nobody picked up the failed attempts and re-attempted to make their bannana peel king of the mountain. The greatest fear of each participant was that their empty water bottle would be the one to knock this magnicifent 8th Wonder of the World down. So one by one runners would tip toe over (I'm not sure why exactly the tip toeing, perhaps people were afraid that the very sound waves created by their feet might send the entire masterpiece crashing down) and then with just two fingers they would gently set their trash on top. And while there were no fancy medals handed out to the very best trash balancers. I think it's almost needless to say that for each participant who was able to successfully do so, the inner pride and sense of accomplishment for a job well done was priceless.

So why is it that this is George Castanza's CRIM photo? Well my friends, that is simple. You see I am George Castanza (in a more hair, less glasses female runner sort of way) and I took that photo. Now I had fully planned on explaining this to you all tonight, but I'm far too tired because of a 1AM wake up call from a 1 year old that started with tears and eventually wound up being a one hour conversation between her and her new stuffed animal Buddy.

So that's got me a little on the sleepy side, well that and I just finished MY RUN! That's right baby 5 miles. Albeit 5 slow miles but 5 nonethless and the calf is feeling pretty good. Whup pow! (not sure if that reads right, but that would be the way I am feeling like a bad mother for kicking a little injury A double es es tonight. You go right ahead and add a little awwwww yeah if you feel so compelled).

So I hate to leave you all hanging, but you all know my posts are too long anyway.

'Til next time...


runnanna said...

Whoo hoo! Hoorah for you happy legs!

Jill said...

I love the photo...the bananas tell a great story!! Thank!

Jill said...

I love the photo and all the bananas!!! Thanks for sharing!

Twincerely,Olga said...

hi Kelly! Love your post.I am a running Mom too!! You are bad!!! I am a new blogger too so please stop by