Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So...I Just Ran in the USATF Women's 10 Mile Championships

I kid not. That's what I was doing this weekend.

Apparently they heard of my from out of nowhere age group award at the prestigious Level Pebble. And thus I ran with the likes of Joan Benoit Samuelson (along with a record 9, 303 other people who paid their $30 entry fee) this past weekend.

Well kind of. More like I ran, walked, and meandered the 10 miles of the world famous CRIM (ok well famous at least for MI runners. That ain't hardly a one of us who doesn't know what the Bradley Hills are) that was this year named the USATF Women's 10 Mile Championship.

After a 20 minute late start due to some unexpected delays (parking difficulties, surprise change in location of the packet pickup and a hunt for a lineless or at least short lined port-a-potty that would fast turn into a desperate search for an at least semi-private bush in the middle of over 15,000 runners AND their spectators) my injured mom and I set off from the start accompanied by little more than the orange timing chips on our shoes (well that and two dudes running with POW-MIA flags. Not really sure why they got such a late start, but I can tell you that miltaryish dudes don't seem to be hampered a bit by carrying giant flagpoles. They were out of our sight in no time).

Now despite the fact that my mom practically limped her way through the entire course, we did make up some ground, catching up to the strolling walkers first, then the might as well be running walkers (I mean seriously, you're moving your arms fast enough and working up quite a sweat, just pick those dang feet up a little bit already would you?), and finally ending up somewhere in the middle of the runners who also sometimes walk which is pretty much what we were doing anyway.

And we finished the race with good news and bad news (hmmm...which first?) The bad news is my mom is going to be out for awhile. It's one of those take a break now before this ends up being something serious kind of breaks. So she's opting for the bike for a few weeks, before she gets back to training for her half this fall.

The good news...my mom ran the Crim almost 4 minutes faster this year than last year when she was injury free. That's right. My mom kicks serious you know what now. (btw I should also mention that she was the bronze medalist in Wayne County's MI Senior Olympics earlier in the week even though some really old dude tried to use the sneaky strategy of talking to her to slow her down. She chatted for a while, but was not susceptible to his devious charms and eventually told him she needed to stretch her legs. Oh yeah baby...stretch her legs right up on to that podium...well ok there wasn't a podium or anything, but I think you get the picture.)

And just to save y'all the trouble (that would my inner southerner coming out right there). We ran 2:05. I know your all a bunch of peeping toms and gonna go look it up anyway. So there you have it, get back to the rest of your internet carousing (which I do believe is a made up word...wait...let me spell check it...no, apparently it is not. Wonder what it means? Have I used it properly? But just fyi-militaryish...definitely NOT a word.)

'Til next time...

PS. My raceport is here on racevine.com. If you're interested...or maybe just bored....looking to do some more carousing...whatever ;-)

PPS. I do have one picture from the race to show you, but I can't exactly figure out how to get it off my phone. If I figure it out, I'll post it.


runnanna said...

I tried and tried to get our run fast mommy to dump broken me at the start, but she stuck with me all the way. For Chicago she will finally get to run her OWN race.We did have quite the adventure at the beginning of the race and ended up also entering the 5K walk at the end (accidently..there route was our route back to the car!) My goal is to heal up and not let her down at the Detroit marathon relay! Thanks for the company on Saturday Kelly..think of it as a nice slow day before you start in on those 20+ milers! Love ya!

B.o.B. said...

Congrats to you and Mama! Well done ladies!

Hua said...

Thats so great that you and your mom do this together. What matters is that you have fun and enjoy what you do, not if your the fastest runner in the world.

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