Sunday, August 30, 2009

Call in the Rescue Squad....THIS is NOT Good

THIS is NOT the post I planned I writing today. Not in the least.

For the first 10 miles of my long run this morning I tossed around ideas about the thrill of early morning running in the dark, perfect running weather, mile pace just exactly precisely where it was supposed to be, and then of course there was the post I was going to entitle George Castanza's Crim picture (this one's probably still coming fyi...just not today).

But no, instead I am writing to you all about what happened AFTER mile 10 where the blog post titles changed to things like: how I made it through and running it out, but finally ened up being something a little more along the lines of @#$% (insert your four letter expletive of choice here, I personally opted for the big dog. Fortunately, my dad who was riding along side of me on his bike clocking my miles had gotten ahead and did not in fact hear his daughter cussing like a sailor. Wouldn't want to wreck my good girl image now would I? :-)

I may (and I stress may dangit because I am not willing to admit ANYTHING just yet) have an injury. It started around mile 10. Something just didn't feel quite right in the back of my left calf. Not painful. Just not right. I took an E-Gel thinking I was on the verge of a calf cramp or something and maybe that would wipe it out as it has done for me in the past. Then, I kept running. But it wasn't going away and soon that something funny I was feeling was turning into a dull pain. "Just keep running I thought to myself." As any distance runners know, aches and pains will come and go in the course of a run and I thought maybe I'd just run it out. So for another 2 miles I did just that (in a hobbling sort of way). And for a brief moment or two I thought I was succeeding. Then it hit...

Someone might as well have stabbed me in the leg. Sharp pains in the calf caused me to stop. (Might I also add here that my run had been SWEET up to that point. 10ish minute miles on a hilly course and every other part of my body was feeling just fine. And furthermore, I was not winded by any stretch of the very very frustrating.) I tried to stretch it out and walk a little to see if it would go away. But like that co-worker who stands just a little too close, asks inappropriate questions, and doesn't quite understand the fine art of eye contact (DUDE! You got to look away from time to time), it just wouldn't go away. I walked a little more, stretched a little more, attempted to run a few times, but no more than four steps sent the daggers back my way.

Now here is the point where we turn this into a teaching moment (I'm a mom, so most moments are such). The good news is I had my phone on me. See, we were still 8 miles from the car and no matter how experienced a runner you may be, when you're running a long way from home (or in my case the parking lot) you're a LONG way from home. You never know when something might happen. In my case, when something did happen, instead of having to hobble the 8 miles back to the car or send my dad the distance to go retrieve it, we were able to call for help. Thankfully, my sister (aka the Rescue Squad) was able to come pick us up. Never ever run long without a phone or at the very least, let somebody know your gone so if you don't come back within a reasonable amount of time, your own Rescue Squad can start the search. Nobody's above injury or accident.

So now I sit at home wondering what's next. The calf got much worse for a time, but it's been on ice all day and calmed down to a dull roar. My hope is it was just a very severe calf cramp with some residual pain leftover (happens to me when I'm pregnant, pain lasts about a day or two...not that I'm pregnant, I'm just saying it happens) and nothing more severe than that. And although my husband is insisting I quit thinking about my running schedule, I can't help but wonder...what the heck am I going to run next weekend? With only a 10 miler last weekend (for the CRIM, it was a planned rest week...18 the week before), and now a 20 miler turned 12, is there anyway I'm going to be able to go the long haul next weekend?

And while I'm busy wallowing in the uncertainty of incomplete marathon training, I need to ask a favor of you all, my dear dear blog friends. I need a pick me up, a little "look, the glass is actually half full" if you will. Here's my proposal:

Following the Chicago marathon, I'll be running the Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay for charity, the Michigan Make-A-Wish Foundation, at the request of my kind-hearted, giving sister-in-law. (I planned to formally announce this to you all in a post but in light of the situation this will do.) We are running for some pretty amazing little children like Amanda. And since I currently am not able to RUN for my charity, I thought maybe today I could at least raise a little moola for them. So if you are feeling kind of generous, or sympathetic for my frustrating day, or if I've just made you grin a little from time to time when you read my silly little mommy adventures, maybe you could just wander yourself over to this page. That's my active giving page for Make-A-Wish. I don't care how much...twenty, five, a dollar, even a penny. Just a little something so I can feel like this run today was not a complete and utter waste. You can even donate anonymously (like if you don't want anyone to know you read this mess of a blog...I know there's literally hundreds of thousands of you out there reading this secretly in the privacy of your own home or cubicle not wanting anyone to know your dirty little secret...that you enjoy the ramblings of a slightly insane stay at home mom.)

Perhaps this is a shameless exploitation of an injury. I'm not sure. But if someone's little girl who's had to endure sickness, pain, hospital stays, fear, and worry smiles as she steps into Cinderalla's Castle because of it, then it's worth it. Besides I have no shame. You all know that by now :-)

May you stay injury free!

'Til next time...


Kelly's runner said...


I am so sorry to hear that you were visited by a most unwanted guest. I have had that happen far too many times as a runner. Hope it was just a really bad cramp and you will be able to get back to running again soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope all of your public followers and your secret followers jump over to your Make a Wish page. Our little problems are just that compared to what those kids and their families face.


BommaMama said...

OH NO!!!I have all my fingers crossed for you that it's just a freaky thing and NOT a full-fledged injury. I have faith you will be pounding that pavement and right back into your training schedule in no time. Just keep up with the icing for now... good luck!!!

fancy nancy said...

I got an injury on my 20 mile run when training for Boston...I actually thought I was having a heart attach but it was a panic attack. I guess I was nervous. You can overcome it though! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it was just a freak thing. Things like that happen when you are training hard! Hang in there!

timothyodell said...

Hey Kel,

I admire the foresight in turning this into that "teaching moment" something we men need to hear "Nobody's above injury or accident" and we need to hear it outside the confines of just running

Great post!


runnanna said...

Yikes! Those dirty, rotten hills! Rest up...we want you to make it to Chicago!

Funnyrunner said...

oh, dear. I hope it's okay! Heal quickly! that happened to a friend of mine. It was odd. All of a sudden she got sharp pains in her calf... I hate to say it, but she had to lay off for awhile and cross train...