Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Stroke of Genius or A Grave Mistake...

I'll have to tell you which officially tomorrow. Or rather my absence here should clue you in. You see there's no use trying to hide it anymore or speak positively my way out of it. I was sick and possibly still am. My 3 year old picked up a virus of some sort (shocking I know...a 3 year old with a cold) of the snotty sniffly sneezing hacking variety last Monday. Shortly thereafter I noticed my fingers were hurting and silly me, I thought I had been typing way too much.

But then the elbows began to ache and although I did start on my own itty bitty weightlifting regiment, I figured even if I had been lifting improperly I hadn't done enough to make my elbows hurt (seriously, I'm only doing like 3 exercises with the lightest weights you can imagine...if you've ever seen these twigs I've got for arms, you'd understand why). Soon enough those aches spread all throughout the body especially into a wicked headache that came along with a fever and snot...loads and loads of snot enough to power a small aircraft. That is if a small aircraft could be powered by snot (see I told you I work out the world's problems on the treadmill. Our energy crisis is solved. SNOT IS THE ANSWER! We just have to figure out how to harness it's power and I will be the richest woman on the planet because mine is STILL never ending. And just think, you can say you knew me back when).

So anyhow...It hit worst for me Friday and yes, sadly Saturday (although I sucked it up and went for hot dogs and fireworks with the fam and a roll of toilet paper in my purse because I was out of kleenex). Sunday I spent comatosed (literally I slept until 1:30PM, then took a nap at 3 and was in bed by 9:30). I don't know...What do you say? Think I needed it? I swear it takes moms longer to get better because it's so rare that we just get to go sleep it off like that. I had a 101 degree fever on Friday and Saturday but was still running ragged taking care of the kiddos. So thankful hubby kept the girlies occupied while I rested AND cleaned the house at the same time. He better look out though, now I know he's been sandbagging ;-) While all this sleeping did wonders for the achiness, headache, and fever, still the snot remains. As it did today. So I was faced with a dilemma, in the form of my 12 mile long run that had not yet been done and was supposed to be run on Saturday. What to do? Nobly brave the congestion and tackle the run risking a possible lapse into sickville or give it another day or so to clear up risking falling behind in my marathon training program?

I chose to give it a go and go I did. I once wrote on this blog that I almost never want to go run. I always like it by about mile 4, I love the way I feel when I'm done, I love what it does for me (yada yada I could go on here), but I almost never want to put those shoes on and go. There are a few exceptions to this rule such as when I've had an extremely frustrating day or when I've had a forced absence such as when I was pregnant or because I've been sick. Today was one of those days. By 2.5-3 miles I was loosened up (which is early for me) and thinking I'd push it just a little on those middle miles, which I did. And surprisingly found that I was handling it quite well (a 12 mile run has a way of working the snot right out of you, let's just leave at that and be glad you weren't running with me or anywhere in my vicinity). As a matter of fact, I ran that last mile at just below 9 minutes, finishing the whole run in just barely over 2 hours. YIPEE for me!

Let me put this in perspective for those of you who haven't been following along. I ran my 1/2 marathon at 2:14 (something, I don't remember exactly although it's posted over there in the left corner so you can go look if you just must know the exact time) and let me tell you that was absolutely all I had in me that day. So had I run that same 1/2 today I'm thinking I just might have wupped myself (if I could in fact run against myself). Although I will admit that 1/2 course was "slightly rolling" and my treadmill is absent of all hills, but let's not think about that right now and just revel for a minute in the success of my long run....ahhh...there....doesn't that feel good?

Now tomorrow will tell...have I done too much or is this just the kick in the pants I needed? We shall see my friends...we shall see.

May your hidden water bottle not get stolen :-)

'Til next time...

PS. One more thing about this stinkin' cold. I promise you I got it for one reason only. I ran out of Vital Fruits. I haven't been sick in a year and a half since I started taking this stuff. Me...the girl who would pretty much spend half the winter in bed with some illness or another. But no, Chloe starts snifflin' and sneezing at about the exact time I take the last drink. I was just thrilled. Lesson learned. I will ALWAYS have this stuff on hand ESPECIALLY from now until October 11th (that would be the big Chicago Marathon). You can bet your booty on that. And yes, I'm affiliated with this company now. That would be my website if you click on Vital Fruits. And if you further click on testimony, that would be me Kelly from Detroit, talking about when I started taking it when I was pregnant. I'm all about being upfront and honest (as brutal as it may be). But I'm sure I didn't have to tell you all that did I? Ok product plug over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming :-)


Kelly's runner said...


My money if I had any, would be on the stroke of genius.

Hope you feel better soon.

Congrats on a great run and reveling is highly recommended :)

B.o.B. said...

Feel better soon! I may have to check out Vital fruits myself. Well done on that run!

runsis said...

Oh, runfastmommy how I've missed you and your pearls of wisdom. Glad to see your fingers aren't too sore anymore!

runnanna said...

I wish I could race MYSELF!I would love to talk some trash with myself. I sure hope I could beat that old me who ran that Red October Run -first race 5K- a couple of years ago. I would tell that girl she'd be running a couple of half marathons in the near future-but she'd tell me I was full of crap and it was too hot to be kidding around like that! Here's to everyone who's surprised themselves by doing something they never even dreamed they could!! Go for it run fast mommy! Time to start rethinking your marathon goal..btw...when are you going to share that time with all your followers???

Kathleen Tennant said...

Nice blog. Running when your sick is no fun at all especially 12 miles!! Good for you for doing it and it a great time! I too run, struggle with that half marathon distance but continue to sign myself up for another race every time. That runner's high is what keeps us going!

J.J. said...

you said snot....hee hee!

I am new to your blog...and a fellow runner and Mommy ( I have 4 kiddos, the oldest is 7)

I love finding new blogs belonging to running Mommies! Keeps me going.

Great job on the 12 miler! BTW...I am training for a half on Sept 7th. Hope you feel better!