Friday, July 24, 2009

Get OFF me already baby fat!

I hit the wall. Months ago and I hit it hard.

My sweet baby girl #2, Miss Madelyn, is now 10 months and I am up to 14 miles on a long run (that would be up from the big zero, which is the exact number of miles I was running from about month 3 of my pregnancy to 6 weeks post partum). Initially I shed the baby weight (the way way too much baby weight) that I had happily collected while appeasing pretty much any and all of my pregnancy cravings (Captain Nemos ham & cheese with mushrooms and extra tomatoes subs, flaming hot cheetos, regular cheetos, a touch of ice cream and of course lots and lots of chocolate to name a few) and I shed it pretty quickly.

Then with 10 pounds left, the weight just wouldn't go no matter how many times I stepped back, looked at my watch and made conversation ending type statements, the remaining pounds just would NOT get the hint. No, it was clinging to me like a baby monkey on his mamma (yeah, I know I used this analogy already in a previous post, but I like it. For those of you who are not fans as much here's a couple of other ones: clinging like the sucker in my 3 year old's hair, the stain of baby carrot spit up on my favorite white shirt, or my nephew on his teacher in swimming lessons when she takes him to deep water), And I know what your going to say, "Kelly, all that running...I'm sure your just gaining muscle which weighs more than fat and that is why your not seeing any changes on the scale."

Thanks. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. I know it should and I did in fact, quit getting on the scale for a few weeks and yes, I did see changes in the way may clothes fit. But still, until I can get that tiny little screen to read what it said BEFORE I got pregnant I won't feel like I won the dreaded battle of the bulge. And yes, I know I'm whining only about ten pounds but keep in mind I AM WORKING MY TUSHY OFF!

Needless to say, it's been slightly frustrating. Until today that is. Today, we celebrate, because today I pulled that rotten dirty boogerface (to steal a word from my nephew) of a scale out and stepped on it. And today my friends, I am exactly 1/2 pound closer to being the woman I was BEFORE I had my darling little Miss! Yeehaw! The wall is official behind me now.

May you bust right through your own walls today too!

'Til next time...


Dave and Kasey said...

I am in the same boat, only worse! I lost those annoying last 10lbs and was happily where I wanted to be. then bam, for no reason, they came back!!!!! my clothes fit, and I am running 35mpw, and those dang pounds won't budge!

runnanna said...

You still can eat more than anyone in the family, and remain the skinniest at the same time. Stop whining!! Only 10 lousy pounds to lose?? You are a "lightweight" !but really, congrats and stop bringing cheese for the pretzels over to my house!!!lol