Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Bad Case of Dead Legs SQUASHED

I've been hiding. I mean I know this happens to the best of us. At least I think so, I don't really personally know too many professional runners (although I follow some on twitter, so maybe that counts?). But I apparently don't handle it so well.

Despite the fact that I was just getting over a cold, there were only 4 days separating my long runs, and I ran a tempo run turned speed workout the day before, I still didn't handle the dead legs very well :-(

You see Sunday was supposed to be my 14 mile long run, but fearing it was not going to happen because of no one to watch the babies coupled with the fact that I was a little punch jumpy b/c I had only run twice in about a week, I decided to run it on Saturday night instead. Bad move. Bad bad move. From the moment I stepped on the treadmill, it was just not happening. My legs were HEAVY. I might as well have had two toddlers attached to them looking for a pony ride (which is an excellent workout by the way). I just couldn't get them moving. But you know me, I'm not warmed up until at least 3 or 4 miles, so I just kept telling myself to get to 4. I did, but still felt like I was not in any way shape or form loosened up. Ugh.

So then I moved on to trying to motivate myself (or more like just get through the run) with things like, at 5 miles I can take an E-Gel (which is the product I was supposed to review for you all btw, but I'm thinking this may not have been a very fair assessment. Still I'll give it a shot in a few), at 6 I'll turn on the fans. Once I get past 7, I can FINALLY go to the bathroom (NOTE TO THE RUNNING WORLD HERE: Am I the only person who has COMPLETELY underestimated the amount of water you are supposed to take with gels? Seriously, for Gu it's like 24-32 ounces per hour. For EGel it's 16 ounces per packet. I was drinking like one 16 ounce bottle every 2 hours, unless it was REALLY hot. No wonder I had stomach trouble. Needless to say perhaps, while my stomach problems may be solved. I have a whole new issue I'm working out...bladder training)

I ended up running 9 1/2 miles and stopping for a potty break. This was perhaps the worst mistake of the run because whatever teeny tiny minuscule of loosenupedness (that's the scientific term in case you're wondering) I had achieved quickly disappeared the minute I reached the top of the stairs from my basement. By the time I got back to the treadmill (all of 1 minute later, I'm quick with the stops man...think Bayshore 1/2 Mary & the lying), I was tighter than the lid on a pickle jar (or hot fudge jar in my case) when your pregnant and in desperate need of filling a craving. I gave it a worthy effort, but I was toast.

So my 14 miler became a 10 miler. And I was not happy. I took Sunday off...then Monday...then Tuesday...And needed something to snap out of it. I almost wrote you all a desperate plea for help, but instead, I opted for a 1st thing in the morning run today one I couldn't punk out of with some lame excuse. And just like that (snap your fingers here) I was back. It was an excellent (although sort of drunk looking 5 miler. I am not real coordinated nor apparently can I run or walk a straight line first thing in the morning). As a matter of fact, it felt so good and the kiddos got to bed early tonight that I went right ahead and did my speed work out for the week this evening. And so therefore am now back on track and caught up with my schedule.

And here's what I've learned: Sometimes the runs are good. Sometimes the runs are bad. But none of it matters as long as you just keep running. (profound I know ;-)

May you always keep on runnin' :-)

'Til next time...

PS. YIKES! Almost forgot my E-Gel review. Sorry it's not going to be quite so thorough b/c my run sucked (and I probably should mention, for some weird reason my stomach got upset during mile 1 before I ever took any so I can't accurately evaluate the effect on E-Gel this time). I can however tell you this much: they are bigger than Gu, quite a bit, but there's more packed in and you can take them less often than Gu. Here's a comparison chart. (you can compare other gels too on their site) The taste is much stronger than Gu which is probably a good thing (at least for me) because I noticed it forced me to drink more water. Not a bad taste or anything (although I still think vanilla bean Gu is pretty much untouchable), just a stronger taste. I also really like the idea of less water needed than Gu since I wasn't drinking enough anyway. So all and all, I'm leaning towards replacing Gu (shocker right) but I want to give it another go before I say for sure. Plus I just bought a whole stinkin' box of Gu (which was $32 by the way and E-Gel is a little cheaper if you join their club. They've also got an affiliate program where you can "eat for free" which is pretty cool in my book too). I'll let you know how it goes on the stomach after my next long run this weekend.


HEATHER said...

looking forward to the e gel tummy report! I may add some to my line up of gels to experiment with!

Christy said...

Listening to your body is the BEST thing. Don't beat yourself up. You'll be back out there in no time!


Kelly's runner said...

Loosenupedness. I need to check Wikipedia for a more detailed scientific explanation.

Vanilla GU is the only thing my stomach can tolerate.

Keep on running :)

B.o.B. said...

you just have to take the good (runs) with the bad (runs). cliche, but so true.

thanks for the review. i'll add it to my next "i like stuff" list of reviews.

runnanna said...

Some days you've got it and some days you don't. I'm hoping Chicago is a "got it" kind of a day and you've got plenty of looseupedness!! love ya'