Thursday, June 4, 2009

Secret No. 8: My Recovery Time is Far Too Long (AKA Sticker Face & Semi-Nap Vs Skinny Jeans)

I am having a problem, so pull up a seat with a notepad and lower your glasses to the bridge of your nose, while I lie down on the fairly uncomfortable leather couch and talk it out a bit.

I can not seem to get started again. I'm like that rusty old lawn mower you keep turning the key on thinking that magically THIS time it WILL start, but you just can't ever seem to get more than a little ni ni ni ni niing out of it (in case you are not familiar with mechanical terms, ni ni ni ni niing would be the sound in my head spelled out phonetically of said lawn mower not starting due to some unforeseen problem. Perhaps your lawn mower makes other sounds, but that is exactly how mine sounds. Exactly.)

I seem to recall this happening after the last 1/2 oh so long ago (March) too. I stalled making myself up a new running schedule and then once it was made I skipped a few runs at the beginning before really getting down to business. You see, I got a couple of meager 2 or 3 mile runs in last week. But this week, I was supposed to start on Tuesday my official Chicago Marathon training (official as in the little schedule I made up for myself officially documented on a pretty little Microsoft Word calendar where I can check off's the box checking that makes it "official." Runs without boxes for me do not count. I NEED boxes to check. I'm a freak. I know.)

But sadly this did not happen, I skipped Tuesday and instead opted for a little "quiet time" with my 3 year old. She watched a movie and played with stickers while I sat with her and took a semi-nap. And I know what you're thinking, semi-nap? So let me define. A semi-nap would be when you actually are, to steal a line from my daughter, "just resting your eyes." It goes a little something like this: you sit in your lazy boy with your 3 year old tucked in tightly beside you and close your eyes. You are still keenly aware with your mommy superhero powers of all that is happening around you, including the lastest escapades of Charlie & Lola (I really absolutely extemely must need glasses Charlie as they are my favorite and my best...any Charlie & Lola fans out there?), your 8 month old squirming in her crib as she decides whether or not to continue on with her nap, and your 3 year old's very serious attempt at a new Guiness World Record, to be the youngest and fastest person to cover another person's entire body with stickers, beginning with the face (hence my new name: Stickerface). Now mind you, she did ask for permission before starting on this quest, which I frankly was happy to give because I knew this would keep her fully occupied for at least a good 10 minutes. We're still waiting to hear back from Guiness. Not sure if the record will count because I called a halt to the attempt when she started putting stickers on my eyes.

That was Tuesday (oh and in the evening I opted for popcorn and I'm a celebrity get me out of here. See I told you I was a freak. What other insane person watches that show but me and Conan O'Brian? And he only watches it to make jokes about it). Wednesday I got in 3 miles and weights as scheduled. Go me! Thursday I was thwarted by a 3 year old with an allergic reaction to sunblock. Benadryl, by the way, may cause drowsiness OR excitability. Kind of a craps shoot eh? I'll give you one guess which one my little angel opted for until about 10PM or so no matter how many baseless threats I threw her way. Finally, I took off the running shoes as it seemed far too late for speedwork. I figured I'd get it in today.

So did I? NOPE. I even had a babysitter over here, but some work I had to do for a charity took far longer than expected, followed by dinner and tooling around downtown Monroe with the family. So tomorrow will I make it up?, an all day affair. Which leaves me only with my long run on Sunday. Ugh.

Here's the thing about me and the re-start...I know what's coming. I've trained for a marathon before. I know what lies ahead and once I get started, there's no skipping runs or workouts for me. I just don't do it. So I'm thinking the longer I stretch this recovery thing out from the Bayshore 1/2 the better. But how long is too long? How long can I actually seriously get away with convincing myself that I'm still "recovering from my race?" sometime last week that chicken flew the coup. Now I'm just getting dangerously close to that place. You know the one. The one where you reason yourself onto the couch night after night with some lame excuse (that is in all honesty never really good enough) which is immediately followed by the guilt, followed by more reasoning...then more guilt. Until suddenly and oh so sadly you find yourself having to drag out that rubbermaid container with your fat pants in them.

So here's what I am going to do. I am going to give you all my solemn oath. I WILL NOT be putting the fat pants back on. No in fact, I am going to give it a valiant effort to get back into my skinny jeans. And that means it begins with this long run on Sunday of 8 miles. I will check the boxes one by one on my way to Chicago. I will be adding in one day of cross training. And I will be giving up those seemingly irrestible sweets I love so dearly and going back to my teeny little miniature (I swear the little ones) peppermint patty rewards I give myself as a treat following a good run. "So it is written so it shall be done..."but not until Sunday. (I need a day to properly prepare for my healthiness).

'Til next time...

P.S. ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO WIN A FREE SHIRT! The followers contest comes to an end on Saturday, June 6th (tomorrow) at precisely 11:59:59PM. Will Beth walk away with the tech shirt in a virtual steal with only 3 followers? The clock's ticking...


runnanna said...

Some days I hate having OCD. I admit it..I am a counter and a box checker. I have a love/hate relationship with the boxes. I love coloring them in (It must be a yellow highlighter for me) but I hate staring at the uncolored boxes ahead of me that sit on that page stuck to my refrigerator. Oh, by the way runfastmommy followers, guess who made me my first sheet of boxes. I blame her, I blame her, but mostly I thank her! You'll get there..nothing wrong with a nice long rest, Maybe your body was trying to tell you something..better listen!Sometimes staring at the blank boxes is worse than the actual run! "I won't think about that now, I'll think about that tomorrow" Remember Scarlet, "Tomorrow IS another day" Love ya!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

"I NEED boxes to check. I'm a freak." FUNNY!! Very sure you are not a freak, or if you are, there are many in the boat with you. I need boxes, checking things off makes me smile. If you know that once you get started you are committed then you have your answer, GET STARTED!! I rewarded myself with my first ever expensive pair of designer jeans when I got to my goal weight, now they are too big.. I will NEVER let those jeans get too small, well unless we decide to have another bambino.. OK that was long...BYE..

Runsis said...

Save yourself time and instead of watching all the meaningless reality shows, just watch The Soup on E! where they make fun of all the reality shows during the week. You can cram hours of TV into half an hour and the host is super funny! He would enjoy your blog!

RunMom said...

Mel- Thanks so much for the kick in the fat pants. I needed that!

Excellent tip there btw Runsis. How could I forget Joel McHale? Here he is on Thank God You're Here Where did that show go anyhow?