Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ok I'll Admit It...I'm a Whimp

Yep. You read that right. It's officially official tonight. After a day of being out in the 90 degree heat with my kids over at Nana and Papa's house, (that's right I take my kids out to play in 90 degree heat despite the fact that they are only 3 years and 8 months. I figure add water, sunscreen, and of course a popsicle and there's no day that's too hot, well at least not here in Michigan anyway. It's not like I live in the Mojave or some other desert like place with face melting temperatures.) I was pooped.

Luckily for me, so were the kiddos. They were both out only about five minutes after I pulled out of my parent's driveway (it's amazing btw how a little girl can go from talking 100 miles an hour to drooling in her sleep in the blink of an eye). I got them both from the car into their beds (or crib rather for the baby, no moms freak out on me here, my 8 month old's not in a bed just yet) without barely a sound from either of them. This was good because I had 5 miles to run. But it was only 7:30 and my newly planted flowers were looking a tad thirsty, so I went ahead and decided to give them a little drink first.

And it was about this time that the heat smacked me right in the face. Seriously. I mean it was even a little hard to breathe and then I realized how plain wiped out I was from being out in that sun all day (or most of the day anyway). Which got me to thinking, maybe I should skip the run? (Why is it that I almost never ever want to start a run? I love it when I do it...well, once I get to about mile 3 or 4 anyway. I love it when I finish. I love thinking about it. I love talking, or blogging anyway, about it. I just frequently am not excited about taking those first couple steps. )

Anyhow, I was actually already sweating from standing in the driveway holding a watering can. And as I went about my watering, I debated whether or not to run my 5 even with a peppermint patty on the line. NO! you say. Yes, yes it's true. Even the peppermint patty was not enticing enough because of the heat (just wait 'til you hear have no idea how stupid this is going to get. I promise I will not disappoint).

Then I look up...and you will never guess what I see. Never. (So I suppose I should just tell you then eh?) There is the sweet couple across the street with their two year old baby girl (who's adorable I might add) and what are they doing? Well, she is busy hooking up one of those little...oh man I don't know what they're know, the thing you can hook up to the back of your bike, that looks like a little tent on wheels, that you put your child in to pull them along on your bike ride. AND he is stretching because he is...that's right...going for a RUN in the sweltering 90 degree heat (ok maybe by then it was 88, but it was still friggin' hot), not to mention that she is about to pull what, like 30 or 40 pounds behind her on a bike.

Now, here's where it gets stupid. I am watching these preparations, as I stand pouring sweat, literally, drops are falling off of my forehead and I'm in a tank top and shorts I might add, debating whether or not to go run. OH WAIT! Did I forget to mention that I was going to be running INSIDE ON A TREADMILL. Oh and not only inside on a treadmill, it gets far better. I was going to be running inside on a treadmill in THE coolest room of a house that's air conditioned, on a treadmill with fans that happens to be strategically placed directly under an air conditioning vent. One which also happens to also have cup holders where I can conviently place my chilled to slightly this side of ice water. THIS my friends is why I am a whimp. Because I was the one debating whether or not to run while the neighbors just flat out went and got it done without all the fluff and frills that happens to accompany my running when my husband's not home to watch the kids and I've got to tackle the miles in my basement.

Now, I have no idea if my neighbors will ever read this. I have lost track of all the people my husband tells to go read my silly blog. But if they do, I have just got to give them mad props and say I am so not worthy to even cut the timing chip from your shoelaces.

So I'll give you one guess whether or not I ran tonight... Now I'm off to go fold three loads of laundry. Because I don't know why, but the laundry fairy refuses to visit my house. No matter how many times I leave that load in the dryer she never folds it or puts it away. I even stick it in a basket for her sometimes and throw another load in, but still she never ever comes. Why? Why won't she come?

These and more of life's great unanswerable questions next time...

P.S. Speaking of questions, we need another question of the week (that would be a random question on a random, but usually running related topic, randomly announced on random weeks for random discussion in the comments) hmmm....I'll have to think about it, only specifics are coming to mind right now ;-)


Kelly's runner said...

Well, I am thinking your neighbors earned two of the large peppermint patties.

That sounds like a run worthy of the ultimate reward!

B.o.B. said...

That stinkin' laundry fairy never comes to my house either. I am starting to think she is an imaginary person.

After being outside all day it makes sense that you were spent. Your heat-resistant neighbors probably stayed indoors and then went for their run. It makes a big difference.

Christy said...

I blogged about this very thing today too. The heat're not a whimp!

runnanna said...

Yuck, I can't run in the summer heat either AND I'm so on vaccation that I can't make myself get up early to beat the heat either. Yikes!!!! Those sub zero runs in the garage on the treadmill with my water getting chunky with ice are starting to sound appealing to me! I am only a perfect day runner I guess. Why in the world am I going to torture myself with the CRIM?????? We are all just this side of crazy! Think cool thoughts.

Lani said...

I have sooo much trouble getting myself to start a run, but I'm always glad I do.. It was 80 degrees tonight at 1030 when I went but it still felt good:)