Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Free Running Shirts...Will It Ever End?

So I've been twittering (think this should be another one of my dirty little secrets?). And before you start ranting about why you hate twitter, (some people seem to be very passionate about this I've discovered), just know this...I kinda like it AND more importantly I've found a little sumptum sumptum (or something something for those of you who are slangily chanllenged) for you all in the process.

It's a new little website called Racevine and by new I'm talking only about a month or so old. This website is all about races, right now marathons, half mary's, and triathalons, but soon to come other races including 5KS. And the best part is, the race reviews are all written by runners like me and you so it's the cold hard facts as brutally honest as they may be (you will no longer be able to hide your hills Bayshore! And as of tomorrow when I sit down and write my other reviews neither will Detroit or the Martian 1/2).

The reviews are pretty easy to do as the fellas over there at Racevine have done most of the hard work for you already, but you still get to make a few comments if you so desire.

Here's my Bayshore 1/2 Marathon Review on Racevine to give you an idea.

Now here's the thing: If you can write 10 quality reviews about marathons, 1/2 marathons or triathalons that you've done, Greg from over at Racevine is going to just give you a FREE TECHNICAL RUNNING SHIRT!

Now that sounded like a pretty good deal to me, which is why I thought I'd pass it on to some of my most favorite people to take advantage of. Feel free to thank me and lavish your praises in the comment section.

'Til next time...

May your laces stay tied :-)


Kelly's runner said...


Darn, I needed this Karmic wish for my shoelaces about 5 hours ago. I had to stop and tie my shoes during my run tonight.

So what is your secret preference, Facebook or Twitter?

I am thinking that could be material for another blog :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

10 good lord!! I could buy a ton of shirts for the race fee of 10 events lol... Course I am pretty new to running so I bet I will have 10 racked up soon..

HEATHER said...

cool site! I joined and I'm starting to review!! and I am slowly starting to enjoy twitter as well:)

Marlene said...

Cool! Looks like they have some Canadian races too!

RunMom said...

Excellent question! I like facebook because it's more conversational. On twitter I often find myself only talking to myself (although some might suggest that is also what I do here...fortunately for me I never get tired of my own talking, much like my 3 year old). Although, I have met more new people on twitter than facebook. So I suppose you could say I'm equally addicted to both.

RunMom said...

Mel-this is an excellent point, but still it's something about the not actually paying for the shirt that entices me. I'm sort of a sucker for free even if I do actually have to somehow pay for free in the process. I'm sorry what did I just say? Can someone translate that?

RunMom said...

Heather- well come on now you've got to leave us your twitter profile link so we can all follow you (you too Ross). I'm kellacollinson twitter btw in case anybody would rather read me in 140 characters instead of the many many rambling paragraphs I leave here. And any of you other secret twitterers out ther feel free to leave a link to your profile too!

Kelly's runner said...


I am growing to like Twitter. I think it is fascinating to watch the chatter. It is much easier to follow people via Twitter, but much easier to have conversations on Facebook as you said.

I am at http://twitter.com/run4kelly on Twitter for anyone that has nothing better to do that follow my 140 bytes of inane thoughts and obsessive ways to #blamedrewscancer

Now I have to work on some way to score some free technical running apparel. I am thinking I could hire a lobbyist to aid my cause :)