Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Higly Coveted OL Blog Awards

Perhaps you've noticed my recent absence in the wild internet west lately. While it may have appeared that I had quietly slipped back into anonymity, the truth is I was hard at work on two projects.

First, graduating from the Rocketmoms, a six week school on the ins and outs of Squidoo.

The deadline for my final project was June 1st (yesterday) and at 11PM in the midst of raging thunderstorms (ok maybe it was a fairly light rain, but there was lightning I swear) I finished and with an hour to spare no less, my final project, a lensography, called They Made Me Do It.

And the 2nd far more time consuming task than I had ever imagined has been a project for you all, the One Lovely Blog Awards. You see after finishing Bayshore, I was so graciously awarded perhaps the best prize of all by one of our dear followers, Sarah, a blog award which she posted prominently on her own blog. But upon receiving this award, I was also entrusted with a sacred duty. It is now my responsibility to carry the torch on and pass this award to some other deserving souls. Being that I take everything in life very seriously, (as no doubt you can tell from posts about port-a-potty wars, polarizing treadmill dots, and of course there's the Gatorade Conspiracy) I have been on an intensive hunt to find you only the best of the best of running blogs and mommy blogs and running mommy blogs for your reading pleasure (well the best in my book anyway). What I was somewhat shocked to find is just how many running mommy blogs there are in the world out there. I kid you not I looked at at least 50 without even hardly scratching the surface. In fact, there may have to be a yearly OL Awards if I am in fact ever going to make a real dent in giving all the little gems out there the awards they so rightfully deserve. But alas, for tonight, the rules of this ceremony limit us to just 15. So without further ado I present to a bevy of bodacious bloggers this award:

Get Off Your Butt Blogs (AKA The best of the motivational running blogs)

The Great Umbrella Heist - Yes, this is the very Sarah that handed me my blog award but before you cry nepotism, you should know she is a runner AND a mamma of three identical young ladies who happen to be toddlers. And did I mention she still finds time to run? On top of all this she takes amazing pictures (then again she does have three gorgeous subjects) and she posts them frequently.

Run Across Alabama For Elliot- This blog is a parent's love for their child poured out in words. You have to take a look. Elliot, who is absolutely a doll, was born with infantile Tay Sach's disease at 9 months. One of the things he likes to do is ride in the jogging stroller with his dad as he runs. So his dad is running 150 miles across the state of Alabama in 4 days (July 1-4) in order to raise money and awareness for Tay Sach's. This blog is their journey.

Run 4 Kelly- Ross was one of our early followers here and let me tell you he is one funny dude! But his blog, not so much. You see Ross has been running for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since 1999. His blog, like his running is for a purpose, to honor those who's lives are a battle, one that oftentimes they know they will not win, but they go right ahead and fight anyway living every minute of the precious gift they've been given leaving us all better people in the process. Ross' latest journey is cycling 62.1 miles (3,500 feet of climbing) at the Metric Century Ride to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation in honor of his cousin's 11 year old daughter, Trista who has just been diagnosed with bone cancer.

Marathon Moms of Multiples- Meet Lani, runner mom of three, training for her first marathon and raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the process. Oh wait, did I mention those would be three toddler twins? Training for a marathon is not easy. It takes commitment, dedication, and time something no mom ever seems to have an abundance of. Add a toddler to the mix and your "free time" is usually exhausted to the core time. Add two more toddlers and well...you are some kind of stud and motivating to the rest of us. You go Lani!

Marathon Mommies - This blog is a virtual running mommy fountain of youth. A group of moms, all at a variety of stages of the game training for one marathon or another. Sometimes the posts are funny, somtimes not so much, but beware, if you follow along you may just find yourself considering taking on the big 26.2 one day.

Run Like A Girl- For starters, I've got to say this might be my most favorite title of the bunch. And she has learned probably one of the hardest things for all us running moms to learn, when to call it a day. Besides all that, this running mom, who works full time, planned an entire online virtual running event in order to raise money for the Arthritis Society's Joints in Motion in honor of her 3 year old daughter, Reese, who has been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. She's truly an inspiration!

Jet Setting With The Kilgores - I can not even begin to explain the debt of my gratitude to our men and women in the military. But it is the wives at home that I truly admire, raising their children at home alone while their husband is off in a distant land putting his life on the line for the whole country. That's Christy, author of this blog, devoted wife, mother and of course runner. If that's not enough for you, you should also know that she's started a Running moms group on facebook to help motivate and other running moms. Christy, I salute you!

Snort, Snuff, Cry, or Chuckle (The best of the funny running blogs)

Run Faster Mommy-She's broken up with Mountain Dew, run with Loco Legs, and recently had her first DNS mommystyle. At the very least, Heather will put a smile on your face, but there's a good chance you'll be leaving her a LMAO or ROFL comment. And then there's the fact that her blog title is almost exactly my web address. You know what they say...great minds!

Have Baby, Will Run- Besides the fact that the tittle of her blog make me smile, there is also the fact that she wrote this: Perhaps the most important lesson learned was this: do not bring a toddler with you to do a marathon, whereby pretty much guaranteeing that no matter how many people are with you, ultimately you are still the person responsible for said toddler after completing the 26.2 mile run, in the cold, pouring rain. And that my friends is this essence of mommyhood and a lesson we would all do well to learn. So for that reason and the fact that she too has an affinity for courses with hills on them ;-) I am giving her this award.

Tall Mom on the Run- She calls her husband muscle man and her boys little studs and I love that. She's lost 70lbs of that baby weight that we discussed earlier (clings to you like a leech on a hippo, jelly on a donut, monkey on it's mamma, just to refresh your memory) and is in training for her first marathon (perhaps I should have put her in the motivating category instead eh?). Oh by the way did I mention she outruns muscle man?

Mission to a(nother) Marathon- Marlene runs for things like firefighters and chocolate. And even better she also blogs about the one topic I can not seem to stop writing about potties! She makes costumes for her races and knows what Yasso 800s are (even if she has been a track virgin for far too long). And that makes her rock in my book.

Feet Meet Street - So for starters he's from the Mitten which automatically grants him a few bonus points in my book, but add to that fact that he makes up his own words in order to encourage (and also trash talk) wannabe runners seals the deals. Nitmos is a running dad and a freaking fast one at that. Although I will fight him to the finish on the fact that BAYSHORE IS NOT FLAT! Do not miss his Con Man post, especially for those of you who are just thinking about gearing up. You know who you are!

Frayed Laces- Besides the fact that she just finished a 1/2 ironman tri-athalon in Hawaii and has some excellent pictures posted, she made an entire blogpost about snot rockets. AN ENTIRE POST! Coming from the master of kid pooping blog posts, you know I've got to give props to that.

Tall Girl Running - Two tall mammas on one list! Who knew tall running moms could be so funny! (ok perhaps I am a touch bias since I too am a fairly tall running mom). I have only one word for you on this one...Yak. (and no I'm not referring to the what you do during your tempo run that was precluded by a pre-race meal of Nachos Bell Grande and a Grilled Stufft Burrito from Taco Bell sort of yak) You just have to go read it. Trust me. I can say no more.

See Mom Run - Bethany is a mom training for her first marathon (which she's been doing while planning and prepping for her wedding I might add). But she is being awarded this glamorous award not only for being a fun running mom blogger, but also as a congratulatory prize for winning her very first marital spat...involving towels. On behalf of wives everywhere, way to go missy! You have done us proud.

And there you have it...my choice for OL awards (this time around). I need to give a sincere thanks to Sarah for getting me started on this hunt for running blogs because it's forced me to get out of my little cubicle and meet a whole lot of really interesting people out there in the wide wide running blog world. And if you'd like to see some more cool blogs, take a peek on the left hand side of my blog roll and you'll see a few more. Hope your all able to find one or two that you enjoy. We'll chat a bit more tomorrow, when I explain to you my new stage name "Stickerface" (that's copyrighted people. Don't touch it. It's all mine ;-)

'Til next time...


Kelly's runner said...


Thanks so much for the award!

I would like to thank the academy, my family, my agent...Whoops wrong speech.

Seriously, as you reminded me last week you are always serious, I really do appreciate the kind words.

Wow, wait till I tell my Mother I got this prestigious award!!!

Frayed Laces said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks for the award, and the shout-out. I am so glad I could make someone smile!

Marlene said...

Hey! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, for your comment and the award! That's so awesome.

I've lurked on your blog for a while as well, but have just become a follower.

Looking forward to reading more about your aventures. :)

Tall Girl Running said...

Wow... I'm utterly flattered with your award! I'm even more amazed that people actually read (and I guess enjoy) the spewings forth of my mind and fingers.

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I win twice... not only with the award but with the discovery of another great blog to follow!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

WOW Thank you! FYI I totally copied "Tall Girl Running" but I told her so I guess it is OK. Man that is quite the list. Will be referencing this post and checking out all the Blogs on a slower day.. Hmmm... don't get those too often.

Have a good day!!


Nitmos said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I might have to arm wrestile you over the flat, fast Bayshore course. I only did the 10k so I think we turned around and came home before hitting those rolling hills you probably hit in the 7-10 mile range of the half!

Christy said...

Thank you for the mention! you are so sweet! I added you to my blogroll so I will be tuning in to read about your progress too.



runnanna said...

Thanks for the list RFM. We now have an entire treasury of inspiration and fun! You win an award for sharing. You must have some terrific parents who taught you well!

HEATHER said...

I'm famous I'm famous! Does this award come with perks, like a babysitter, housekeeper and personal masseuse? No?

haha just kidding. I appreciate the shout out! Thanks a bunch! :)

Run Mommy said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to read your thoughts and all those that you have listed..I started Run Like a Girl to get the crazies out of my head and it turns out I LOVE reading all the other people - especially the Moms! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Kelly for sending it back my way. LOL. Great job with finding new blogs - love it!

BommaMama said...

I am so honored! You have motivated me to keep updating my blog now!!! I love yours too! And thanks for highlighting all these other wonderful blogs - go mommies go!!!