Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheating...for a Cause

So after much's the story about the race this past weekend, The Run for the Unborn on Grosse Ile MI. First off you should know that this event was the brain child or a 12 year old girl named Emily who organized the whole thing (with the help of her mother and church youth group of course). At an event they hoped would have 50 people, they ended up with far more and they raised over $5000 for a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Not to shabby for a 12 year old eh? That'll buy an awful lot of diapers.

This was the first of a hopefully annual event and although they did a stellar job in my opinion for a first time event, especially since they had no prior experience with races, there were a few kinks to be worked out.
The race got started a tad late, which can often times be expected at any number of races across the country regardless of the size. I was going to push Madelyn in my jogging stroller on the 5 mile course and things were supposed to get kicked off at 9AM, but we didn't get called to the start until around 9:15. At the start, Emily, the young lady who planned the race, did a fantastic job of thanking the participants and giving directions to the crowd of antsy runners/walkers. Part of which was an announcement that the 1 mile would start first and the 5 mile would start 20 minutes later. No big's all for charity. It's not like the race was advertised as a fast flat chip timed course with awards going 3 deep in 5 year ages groups and a prize money for breaking the course record or anything. We all knew when we signed up this wasn't the place to pr rather the place to have fun and raise money.

Just two least for me. I had gotten my 8 month old up pretty early to get the family up, packed and out the door to make it in time for the race at 9AM which meant that that same 8 month old would be needing a nap at about 9:30 and she was already beginning to show it. You see my Miss Madelyn is a very easy child. Lay her down in her crib and she goes to sleep. Take her for a car ride or out for a little jog in a jogging stroller and she'll go to sleep. She WILL NOT go to sleep in her stationary stroller waiting for me to run. That's problem number one. Twenty minutes of standing around was going to make for a very unhappy little baby.

Number two is it had already been sprinkling on and off and the skies were not showing any signs of clearing up. While happily there were probably close to 200 people in the event, only about 50 or so were in the 5 mile and knowing that I was going to be in the back of the pack, slowed down a tad with the weight of an 18 lb toddler, her stroller and a diaper bag (because, yes I am that good. I can even change a poopy diaper mid-race without even stopping no less, so I do take the diaper bag with me) I began to fear the worse...being stranded somewhere out on the island in the middle of a thunderstorm with my baby girl.

So I did the only thing I could think of...I cheated. And I forced others (my mom) to be complicit in my crime. We didn't wait the 20 minutes, we just went right ahead and got started. Ok I did ask for permission first, but still at each turn where there was a volunteer to help guide us (just a fantastic job marking the course btw!) we were ewwed and awed at because of our running prowress. In the eyes of the volunteers, we were just crushing the field and with a stroller no less (and sleeping baby, true to form, she was out by 1 mile). You should have heard the roars from the crowd as we came running up at the finish. We were 10th and 11th overall (yes that means we got passed even with a 20 minute head start by more than one person) and the first women to cross the finish line. People were astounded and it felt darn good. At least until my mom told every single one of them that we cheated and started early. Dang it mom and your conscience. So close to finally winning a race, but yet still so far away ;-)

Oh well at least Madelyn came in first in her age group. (She was the only 5 mile baby finisher)

Here's a few race pics. First my mom and Chloe, pre-race. Chloe ran the 1 mile, her specialty (as that's pretty much all her stamina will allow).

And this is Chloe and Daddy headed out to the start. Ollie ran the 1 mile with her, despite the fact that he's having knee surgery next Friday. He's pretty freakin' tough eh?

And this is me about to savor in my first victory even if it is only for a brief moment before my mom sells me out. I'm sure you can tell by my blazing speed how no one would have ever been the wiser.

And this is baby girl Madelyn, looking all rested and rarin' to go following her race nap:

'Til next time...

P.S. Tribal Running just posted a coloring page for kids. It's very cool and runner mommyish to boot. You can check it out here.


HEATHER said...

Ok, so first of all, changing a poopy diaper while running and not stopping is probably the coolest talent I've ever heard of! Second, I was laughing picturing the volunteers going "daaaang that momma is FAST!!" I would have totally played it up :) Congrats on the race, I love the pictures!

Christy said...

congrats and great run! Love the pics!

Sarah said...

Okay , that was pretty hysterical!

runnanna said...

.....and Madelyn didn't even break a sweat! Great job (applause) to the youth group...what a wonderful group of young people! Congrats on your win, Kelly..take them however you can!

Kelly's runner said...


You always bring a smile to my day. Pretty good talent for someone who is always so serious :)

Loved the pictures.

Good thing your Mom ratted you out and saved you from being associated with Rosie Ruiz.

B.o.B. said...

She is adorable! Look at those eyes! You should definitely tell everyone you came in 10th. They will never have to know the truth....just tell your mom to keep quiet...