Friday, May 15, 2009

Why Your Ebay Strategies Won't Work Here

Don't think I don't know what's going on here people. I'm on to you all. I know you're sandbagging. I've place enough bids on Ebay (not many due to one particularly unfortunate incident involving a set of Baby Einstein DVDs and a PayPal account connected to a bank account that we had closed...let's just say I paid way more in bank fees then I did for the actual dvds)to know the strategy you all are employing in this followers contest. But prepare yourself...I'm about to expose your little scheme.

There's a method on ebay to bidding which involves keeping a close eye on an auction item but not placing a bid until the very last minute before the auction closes. Reason being if you bid early, undoubtedly someone will outbid you and you'll have to place another bid, then they'll bid again thus engaging yourself in a bidding war and forcing you in the end to pay far more for that one of a kind Elvis nighlight that sings Love Me Tender (or some other crazy item like that)than you ever intended. No, one of the ways (one b/c I'm sure there are others. I'm not schooled enough in the ways of ebay to speak as an authority on strategies) to get your item for the least amount of money is to place your bid just minutes (or even seconds if you're fast enough) before the bidding deadline, snatching that prized item from the very clutches of some unsuspecting ebay novice.

Since of course I know that nothing is wrong with me and my blog (pausing here to review my list of self affirmations in the mirror...;-), I'm thinking the reason that our little contest is off to such a slow start is that you are all Zen Guru Ebay Masters because certainly almost everyone on earth has enough power and influence over ONE person to convince them to do your bidding ( pun intended, you know ebay...bidding...ok maybe it's only funny to me). And being the ebay masters that you are, you're figuring you will reserve that one person until the very last minute so as not to drive up the numbers of followers you will have to get to win that exquisite, exclusive, running shirt (by the way...noticed the logo up there at the top yet? I mean come on where else are you going to get fine priceless artwork like that on a shirt?)

Here's the problem though...It's not going to work for two reaons. First, you've just been busted. Now everybody knows what everybody else is doing. And since all 21of you are using the same strategy, you've got to know you're taking a risk here people. I mean what if one of you in fact has two people, or three people in reserve just in case? Don't you want to know what you're up against? Plus, I hate to break it to you, but blogger (the service I use to bring you this fine literary piece of work) is a free service and even I'm not sure what exactly it's capabilities are (why is the phrase "you get what you pay for" ringing in my head right now?). So come June, 6th at 11:58 PM if all 21 of you force that one helpless soul to become my follower, what if the system can't handle 21 followers at once and yours doesn't get in? Or what if you all DO get your one follower signed up and there is a 21 way tie. Uh Oh...

Ok so new rule. Aaaawwww that's not fair(stomp, stomp) you say? You can't change the rules like that. Sorry :( The plan was only to buy one shirt. Until runfastmommy is sponsored by the likes of Nike, Garmin and Runners World, we've only got the extra bucks to enhance one person's running wadrobe. Besides, don't think of this like the way my daughter changes the rules of Memory or some other well established game, think more like the way she invented the game "What's Under These Covers?", a game she plays with her Daddy where she hides under a blanket and pretends to be something and he tries to guess what. Then he pretends nothing is there and throws the big wad of covers (and my daughter) onto the bed. It's a new game, she invented it and the invention processes is ongoing so as to perfect the fun. That's what I'm doing here, perfecting the fun being it's the first contest and all.

So the new rule is: NO TIES. In the case of a tie we will go to sudden death overtime which will be fully explained in the event of a tie so as not to allow anyone to begin working on their strategy just yet (and me the time to figure out exactly how that will work). I'll be headed to the contest page shortly after this to amend the contest explanation in the comment section to reflect the new no tie policy.

And the second reason your ebay skills are useless here is: WE HAVE NEW FOLLOWERS from the contest. On Friday, Cathy drew first blood with the new follower SE Buckle(welcome to insanity SE) but she was answered back Saturday night by a follower from Kathymphelps (I'm not making this up...we've really got Cathy Vs Kathy going on right now) Kathy sent us Gary Krajewski (glad to have you Gary, who also happens to be my Dad sent by my Mom. I know. Pretty sad right that he had to be forced over here as part of a contest rather than come willingly on his own, but he's here nonetheless and the craziness will really ensue if he ever figures out how to make a comment. We'll all be in BIG BIG trouble.) So that's the contest status update: Cathy Vs. Kathy, 1 to 1. Anyone gonna break through the Cathy barrier and prove that there is no such thing as a glass ceiling for non-Kathies? (this is highly debated in the world of fact there's talk of a whole contest quota system, but my fear is that this would just establish animosity b/n the Cathies and non-Kathies of an already bi-partisan world so I'm hoping my followers will be able to show the entire world of blogger that non-Kathies are fully capable of winning contests or at least making a good run for it without any sort of extra favors to do so. You are the hope of ALL Blogger).

So there you have it. Oh and one other thing that might be of interest to know, the shirt is done basically and actually you'll have yourself a couple of options to choose from. The hold up is that it has been brought to my attention that the fellas may not be to excited about wearing a shirt with a stick figure in a skirt on it, and since we do have some guys following along who are fully eligible to participate in the contest, I want to be sure they've got something they'll like too. So I'm adjusting the logo a bit for them (you'll never ever guess what that's going to look like I'm sure ;-) and there's some url stuff to be worked out to get this all to make sense (details details details) But possibly by later this evening, I'll have that shirt posted for your viewing pleasure. I'd do it now, but sounds like the girlies are already asleep and I've got my 5 mile long run to do still (YIKES! You know your race is close when your long run for the week is only as long as some of your speedwork has been). So it's off to the treadmill for me in a few.

PS. Almost forgot! We did get another follower of her own accord, Heather. Heather's also a blogging running mamma and you definitely are going to want to go check out her very inspirational story here. Welcome to the silliness Heather!

PPS. Look I'm doing it again with all these afterthoughts..AAHHH! Anway,one other contest note: following (in the right hand column)is not the same as subscribing (top left column). They don't tell me who subscribes, so while that's cool for you that you can get posts delivered directly to your email inbox, reader, etc., I have no idea who's doing that. Followers however get updated for the world to see as long as they follow PUBLICLY (I also don't know about the PRIVATE followers) I'll make a note of that on the contest post also. So your crew will need to be signing up as a public follower anything else unfortunately can't count.


HEATHER said...

hiii! I'm glad to be here. Your blogs crack me up, you are a great writer! And oh yes, I spent the entire month of December on ebay trying to buy thomas the tank engine and friends wooden railway at the cheapest possible price , so yeah, i know that trick too, haha! I'm in an amazingly AWESOME running moms group on (check us out if you want! We actually have a pinned post about running mom blogs...i'll post your link in there tonight! Hopefully that will send some traffic your way!

RunMom said...

Awesome Heather! I'll go check it out after I run (I know...I'm still not running yet..errrr) Make sure to tell them to say Heather sent them if they sign up so I can give you credit and get you in the running for the shirt! And thanks for posting the link!

runanna said...

K(C)athies rule! You are hilarious! Now I have to come up with someone else to break that tie!!! Just think what we could do if all the K(C)athies united!WE are officially challenging all of you non-k(c)athies. Get that run in RFM-Bayshore is less than a week away! Yikes!!!!