Monday, May 4, 2009

So much to little time

Well, ladies and gentleman it's been a few days here, not for lack of writing material by any stretch of the imagination that's for certain. But frankly every time I sat down in front of keyboard to type you out a gem or two, I found myself faced with first a computer virus (apparently computers are not exempt from swine flu either), then the next couple of days, by the time I hit the keys I was so tired I was typing nonsense kind of similar to what I usually do except not on purpose and in a much more peculiar form that would have required some sort of language interpreter and since my google language translation widget doesn't translate exhausted mommy I thought it best to wait until I was feeling a little more rested (Oops! Sorry moms! Is that mommy taboo since moms are in fact NEVER well rested?)

But I do have some major accomplishments to report (at least I would consider them so, if you don't just nod in agreement like you do when you meet someone for the first time and they go into their whole life story without pausing for a breath or realizing that by backing away you are actually trying to end the conversation rather than draw them in'll need a fake smile on your face too by the way)

So first off...SPRING CLEANING! Yipee! Got the entire upstairs of my house cleaned up and out meaning I'm clearing out the stuff that I never ever use/wear although I hold onto as if by some chance although I haven't used whatever it is in the last 5 years, perhaps one day, my life might depend on whether or not I have it. Thank-you to hubby, for taking the day off work and taking the girls so I could focus and get it done. About the most cleaning I can do with them around is straightening up or dishes, but serious cleaning requires me and only babies for distraction and no husband watching a ball game while I work on it (not that MY husband would EVER do that ;-)

And along with the cleaning I have (almost) caught up on laundry. Which means one thing and one thing only...I HAVE SOCKS! Sadly, I have discovered the only thing worse than having to steal your husband's running socks is having to match up nine million pairs of just washed socks (seriously, if you are ever wondering where that other sock has gone after you do the wash, I can tell you...HERE!) So I am now faced with a giant laundry basket of socks to sort through, but after 2 hours straight of folding clothes (I kid you not), I figured I'd save the socks for when Chloe, my 3 year old came home to see if we could make a game of it, you know fun family bonding time. Place your bets people.

But most excitingly...(pause here for dramatic effect) 13 miler is done and it was excellent! Great weather, beautiful trails, everything was feeling good and I ending up running only about 10 minutes off my 1/2 marathon goal time which was totally unexpected and I still felt like I had a lot left at the end. Now, I'm feeling much much better about that goal guys. Feeling doable. Just have to figure out how I can cut some time off those first couple of miles. They're soooooooooooo slow. I don't seem to catch my stride 'til about mile 6 or so. And I know I know...I should go do a warmup run. But...well...I just don't want to! 13 miles is far enough to run. Now walk, I could maybe walk a warmup. Think that would count? Let's make that the question of the week...

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you just don't want to run a warmup, will walking do the trick?

PS. Almost forgot! I got that article published: 7 Tips for Moms Who Want to Start Running You can click that link if you want to check it out.

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Sarah said...

Nice article.

I never ever run a warmup - even back in the days of sub 10:00 min miles.

Lani said...

I run so slow right now, that the only thing slower would be walking, so yah, that's my warmup:) You would probably like to hear from some experienced runners on this so I'll shut up now:)

runnanna said...

Here's my warm-up...Get out of bed, get dressed, put on a sweatshirt, pack water, gu, and gatorade, find my sunglasses and my watch, drive to the park, and finally...walk to the bathroom and then to the mile marker. That's enough! just need to loose that anchor that's slowing you down! runnanna

Kelly's runner said...

I randomly do a warmup. I do it for shorter races, have never done it on days when I run long distances. I find it useful for
5K races.

Loved your 7 tips. Very cool.