Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Do Believe I Have A Little Explaining To Do...

So if you've been to our little watering hole as of late, you know I've been moving some things around here, adding a bit and just doing a little tidying up in general. But rather than risk offending any of my crew, by making them get up off their comfy reading chairs so I can move them to vacuum without any sort of explanation, I thought I'd take you all on a little tour of words so you can see what's going on here.

Let's start at the very top and flashback to earlier last week. The assigned stick figured has been replaced by my very own artistic masterpiece and has become our official runfastmommy logo. Hope you all like it! (If you know what is good for you I suggest you at least nod in agreement...you have no idea just how long it can take to draw a stick figure with a mouse on a computer screen when you have zip experience and virtually no knowledge of MS paint only car seats can possibly be more frustrating)

Moving to the far right column, I've adjusted placement of our exciting widgets (really I just like saying widgets, is there a funner word? And is funner even a word? hmmm...the things we ponder here, truly life's greatest mysteries!) The followers box has temporarily moved to the top for easy access to those who want to participate in the contest and hopefully help eliminate a little bit of confusion. Underneath which is our contest leaderboard so you can track all the action as it happens. The latest of which happens to be a slight nudge ahead by Cathy over Kathy. Will the move go unanswered? Or will Kathy add a follower of her own and send the ball speedily back into Cathy's court? Will non-C(K)athies remain trembling in fear of virtual domination? You'll have to stay tuned for details...

Then we have the newly added Zazzle shop where you can purchase fabulous runfastmommy wear. And the winner of our contest will be given the distinct privilege of their choice of ANY one of the available RFM or RFD shirts for FREE!

RFD? What's that? Well...so glad you asked! Because it seemed pretty silly to have men running around with stick figure ladies and the word mommy on their shirts, I went ahead and re-designed our newly designed logo for the guys. So you'll see some shirts there that might be a little more to a man's liking and since we are running an equal opportunity contest (unless you are Ollie Collins, his opportunity has been viciously snatched away as he may not under any circumstances participate...So stop asking MR!)it's possible a man could win the shirt(although as it seems right now, we have no men secure enough in their masculinity to send their friends to a mommy website. OUCH! Did I just say that? Is it wrong to talk smack on my own website about my own contest to my own followers especially one in which I'm not participating? This might possibly be the only followers contest in the history of blogger that results in LESS followers).

Furthermore, we went and started a new blog at runfastdaddy.com. Now don't get too excited, because runfastdaddy himself is not quite ready to make posts (possibly b/c he just had an MRI done on his knee Sunday that we are still waiting for the results on. PRAYERS PEOPLE! He's supposed to be running Chicago with me this fall) So right now it's just setup with one post that refers people over here (well that and the RFD logo, and ok pink borders b/c I haven't quite figured out how to change their color yet...NOBODY tell Ollie!) Although if you do go sign up as one of his followers, he might start feeling a little pressah (that's pressure typed dramatically like I'm saying it in my head right now in case you were wondering) And you never know what to expect when Ollie Collins has the floor.

Moving on...so under that is About Me (in case anyone cares), How to Comment (in case anyone's lost), an ad (in case there's a slim chance I could make money here), a Kickrunner's button (this is an online running community kind of like tribal running, although I've found people are a little more hardcore here), running articles archive (where I'll post my published stuff about running and or mommyhood for your viewing pleasure), my blog archive, my tribal running widget (still trying to win that silly contest by the way, so go sign up there and tell them I sent you. Oh and they're running a contest for the 1000th member and it's getting close. I know we all love free stuff so I thought I'd mention it), my photos, my newly added amazon store (so you can have easy access to buy stuff that I talk about from time to time without having to hunt it down), Spirit of the Marathon video clip (sooo good, love this movie), a translation tool (b/c obviously somebody who doesn't speak English would scroll all the WAAAAAAAAAY down to find it and translate my nonsense), and finally another ad that doesn't always show up courtesy of google.

Across the bottom: my favorite links, and a banner ad for our home business that in all honesty I've actually only got on there so another website can use it. It's too big for anywhere else on my blog and for crying out loud there seems to be no way humanly possible to shrink it and maintain both images (suggestions welcome).

Moving over to the left from the bottom up we've got categories for all my posts (this is probably not staying, as it is getting far too long. You see even though I really only blog about running, I like to categorize my posts under a variety of topics such as: toe thumbs, pretend running, and terrorist geese. (You know...all things people would commonly type in a search engine)

Above which are three of my favorite mom blog groups: The Mom Blog Network, The Mom Blogs, Blogamama. These are preceded by all my favorite blogs about moms and/or running that I'm following with their latest post title. Then there are ways to get in contact with me via twitter or facebook (took mySpace off btw b/c I'm hardly ever on there), a list of my upcoming races, a countdown to my next race, the actual ad I meant to have for our business on this site (although I do wish it had the running legs like the other one...oh well!). And finally a way to subscribe and/or share my posts...whew!

Now our tour is coming to an end. Please remain seated and safely buckled until we come to a complete stop. We're happy you've chosen runfastmommy.com and hope you'll join us again, for our next long awaited for post...another running mom secret (seriously what's it been like two months since I spilled it with Secret #6 and the chin fat). Secret #7...coming soon.

'Til next time...

PS. Could there BE anymore links in this post? (my Chandler Bing impersonation for the day)

PPS. If you have read this far you will now be rewarded. First thing Friday morning, I am posting a super secret special surprise and although this is the same phrase I like to use with my 3 year old to get her to do what I want before I ever actually have any kind of surprise in mind, this is not the case here. I really have something for you that you are going to LOVE. Here's your hint...YUM!

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