Thursday, May 14, 2009

How Running Forces Me To Eat Ice Cream...A BIG Fat Stinkin' Bowl of Ice Cream

Ok so maybe I use the word force a bit arbitrarily here. Not so much force as in when someone holds a gun to your head and forces you to give them the money in your wallet or when the government under the threat of jail time forces you to pay them taxes. We're talking a little more like the way car seat installation forces me to go take a nap, or football forces me to leave the house and go shopping or maybe even the way my 3 year old forces me to take all of her toys away because "picking up is hard mamma" (funny...I don't remember there being anything "hard" about making the disaster even the part where she had to figure out how to get all the dvds off the top shelf of the entertainment center, but when it comes to returning everything to its home, now suddenly that is hard.

But last night running, or rather a lack of running, did in fact force me to eat ice cream (butter pecan, with more pecans, caramel and hot fudge to top it off...three big scoops...I spare no expense when it comes to cheating:-)

It all started pretty much right after I woke up. After the regular morning routine of feeding, changing, and dressing the girls, I got myself dressed opting for my running clothes. The thought was, I'll go run during the baby's 1st nap and get it out of the way. Now I've developed a little science to this because there's no guarantee just how long Miss Madelyn will sleep during that first nap anywhere from a half hour to 2. And although I have figured out ways to keep both of my girls entertained while I'm on the treadmill, I would much prefer to only have to entertain one (well really neither of them but that doesn't happen often). Mainly it goes a little something like this, get every single thing possible ready BEFORE I lay Madelyn down for her nap. Meaning I've got running clothes and shoes on, I've got Chloe's movie, drink, snack, my gatorade and/or water and gu (if necessary, usually not though on days when I'm running while entertaining) and Chloe has on her running shoes (she likes to run around the basement while I run) and has been made to use the potty (otherwise mid-way I'm going to be forced to stop for a bathroom break). Then and only then, I lay Madelyn down and make a mad dash with Chloe to the basement. The goal is to get the whole run in before Madelyn wakes up (and on really really good days also a shower) without having to stop and run up two flights of stairs and finish my run entertaining now TWO little girls.

So yesterday, I only had 4 miles to get in...totally doable. But I did what I would later live to regret. I checked my email. And I read one of THOSE forwards...the kind that make you think and (sniff, sniff) maybe even cry a little. It was all about appreciating what you have today because it might be gone tomorrow. So when I finished that email and Chloe came over and asked please pleeeeeaaaasse can we play memory, how could I refuse? (Memory for a 3 year old, or at least mine, is a little like this: 12 cards face down, she picks one and says "I'm going to find a match for..." and then turns every card over one at a time until she finds it. Once she's done, she yells "I FOUND TWO KAYAKS!" I have no idea why. There's not a single kayak on even one of her Dora the Explorer Memory cards and I don't even think she knows what a kayak is, but nonetheless, she yells it every time. Oh and it is NEVER my turn. My role is to set the game up over and over and cheer each time she finds her two kayaks) And I enjoyed every minute of it throughout ALL of Madelyn's nap.

During lunch, while feeding a mess of sweet peas and cereal to my little baby bird that I can't seem to shovel food in fast enough, and still in my running clothes I might add, I plot my next attack on the treadmill. Madelyn's nap #2 in the afternoon seems to be the most opportune time. Only one problem...I crashed HARD at about 3PM which was Madelyn's nap. Crash in a way that even the energy drink 3 feet away on my counter seemed much too far away to make my legs get up and go get(must have been all that intense memory playing). The run just wasn't happening. Instead Chloe and I had a little quiet time and watched a movie (Allison know the one with the Treasure Cat. Feel free to try to correct my 3 year old if you like, Chesshire Cat & ALICE in Wonderland...she's not buying it) and I pushed the run to the evening, my fall back position (and most often when I find myself running).

Finally, about 8:15PM or so, I put on my running shoes once again, sit down and have a little stretch and THE VERY MINUTE I stand up to go to my treadmill, the power goes out. Seriously. I got nothing. And this my friends, was why I was FORCED to eat ice cream. I mean what else are you going to do? To steal a line from my sister, "well, if you're gonna go down, might as well go down hard" (hence the caramel and hot fudge...well actually just fudge since I had no microwave to use) See...had I not attempted to go for a run 3 times, I would not have been so frustrated. Had I not been so frustrated I would not have turned to ice cream (really it was the fudge, I'm a chocolate freak but I can't just eat hot fudge with a spoon and I happened to have ice cream handy soooooo.....).

AND THAT is how running forces me to eat ice cream. See it makes perfect sense (in a desperate mommy sort of way)

Happily, got the 4 miles in first thing this morning and as of tomorrow I'll be back on schedule with the 1/2 right around the corner dum dum duuuuuummm (not really sure why I put that...maybe because the 1/2 marathon sounds so menacing...)

'Til next time...

P.S. Let's not forget about the free running shirt up for grabs. You know contest and all that. Right now all you need to win is a whopping 1 follower...surely SOMEBODY has enough power over ONE person to force them willingly (or even not so willingly) to sign up as a follower...SOMEBODY? ANYBODY? BUELLER?


runnanna said...

I wish MY power would go out so I could skip a run and have a big bowl of ice cream too!!!!

Karen said...

I like when me son shutters when it's time to pick up and says "I'm to afraid to pick up!"