Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Day After Mother's Day Gift!

So ultimately I know I blew it here and I should have made a post yesterday on what was actually mother's day about how wonderful all mothers are and how appreciative I am for my mom, my grandmas and flat out all mothers I know (and even the ones I don't for that matter), but the simple truth is: I didn't. I suck. This I already know.

But let's pretend for a second I don't suck and did in fact make a post yesterday. It most certainly would have been something sentimental with the intent on making at least a couple of people cry while expressing how deeply grateful I am to moms everywhere and how truly and utterly lost I think the world would be without moms. But that was yesterday, and I'm sure you've all had your fill of that already. So, I'm going with funny. Here is my belated mother's day gift to you:

Mom Song Click Here

I should also probably tell you that the reason I didn't make a post yesterday is that my husband and children (who are 3 and 7 months so really we're talking husband here) absolutely spoiled me rotten for mother's day (which was actually two days of fun).

Saturday, Ollie took Chloe, our 3 year old, shopping for me. And don't worry ladies, I had her fully prepped on exactly what I wanted and she did not disappoint. MY BABY!!!! :-) (that's right, we actually practiced "Now Chloe, when Daddy says 'what does mommy want for mother's day' you say 'mommy wants a new running watch'") So in addition to a new running watch, book, bag of peppermint patties, and an elmo card with the outline of both my daughters' hands in it,(awww...) I also had an exquisite meal of grilled crab legs (the best way to make them by the way) and aspargus prepared by my husband for me and BOTH our mothers (somehow my Dad and nephew also managed to finagle their way into dinner too. Not sure how that works, but we enjoyed their company so it was all good). And my mother-in-law brought along with her one of those to die for ho ho cakes. Chocolate freak I am, I could ask no more, but wait...Mother's Day was actually Sunday!

My gift for Sunday was first that hubby pretty much got the kids ready for church on his own which if you could see the crazy woman I am trying to get out the door Sunday mornings you would know just exactly how much this means to me. (although let me pause here for just one moment to complain about church for a minute...yeah, I know, I can't believe I'm about to do this either, but I am and you're going to agree so bear with me...Every year they hand out some potted flower arrangements on mothers day to moms who have the most grandkids, or the youngest kid, or the most kids in college or whatever. But dag knabbit (also mom cuss word), I deserved those flowers! For one reason and one reason only... I have THE LOUDEST infant on the planet I SWEAR. She's not even crying. No, not my happy go lucky baby. In true ladylike fashion my 7 month old in her little yellow sun dress was growling at the top of her lungs the ENTIRE time and of course it was packed and of course we were late and so therefore we had to sit in the only place left available which happened to be the 2ND row with not only a growling daughter but a tired growling daughter who does what I'm sure all 7 month olds do when they are tired...detect sarcasm here please...bounce and fling herself around in order to fight sleep with all she's got. I kid you not. I WAS DRIPPING SWEAT by the time we were finished but what did I get...NADA! Ok vent over...I'm just saying...when do THOSE flowers get handed out. You know the ones for the sweatiest moms due to child silencing/wrestling? Where is my freaking plant? Ok, for real, now I'm done)

Anyways, after spending the afternoon at my grandparents, later that day I went on my 9 miler with no babies! (although it was not so good guys in all honesty, it was actually supposed to be 10 but long story so I'll skip it for now)and finished it off with pizza waiting for me at my parents. YUM! So when I got home, I took a little bath, read my new book and decided to top the night off by going to bed early rather than hoping on the computer.

Really I had to...I did it all for you. I hear the longer you're a mother, the less a big deal your family tends to make of it so just in case any of you got shafted I figured I better get all I could out of mine in your honor. See what a giver I am ;-)

Truly, I hope all you mommies got spoiled at least a little bit yesterday and if not...then you just send the culprits my way and I'll have a little word ;-)

And just in case you missed it because you were in fact being spoiled all weekend don't forget to check out our contest. Free stuff is involved and you don't want to miss that, especially because it's cool free stuff too and as of right this minute there's not a whole lot a competition in order to get it so you might as well jump in and see what happens.

'Til next time.


runnanna said...

Happy Mom's Day to all!

HEATHER said...

I adore the mom song!