Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Funniest Thing I Never Expected

Never for a second have I doubted the intelligence of my followers. From all the witty banter in the comments that goes on here, I of course assumed you all are card carrying Mensa club members and that of us all, I am perhaps the one here who is a little on the slow side. This is why I thought so much about this contest before I posted it not wanting to suddenly somehow find myself indebted to you all for a new running wadrobe by way of some silly overlooked arbitrary opening I left in the rules. (not that it matters really since you've already seen that I change them at will ;-)

But something was brought to my attention earlier today by my disgruntled sister, that I never expected and I think may quite possibly be the funniest thing I've heard of recently. One of our newest additions to the follower club, sent here by my sister happens to be my sisters best friend, Beth. But I never got the credit email lavishing referral praises on my sister. Mere coincidence? There are other Beths in the world and perhaps ironically (although unlikely) one signed up as my follower at the same time my sister referred her.

Not so...This is in fact one in the same Beth. She is purposely withholding her referral credit because she has firmly decided to give the C(K)athies a run for their money and is gunning for the free shirt. So basically a new follower is trying to smoke the very follower who sent them in the followers contest. Looks like we may have another rivalry shaping up. The real question...will my sister stand for it?

Welcome to Runfastmommy Beth! You are definitely one of us!(and also welcome to Mimi, bdkz, atalaski who are also new followers and may quite possibly be employing the same strategy, we'll just have to wait and see)

PS. I just yelled "walk away from the salt" to my 3 year old. I'll give you one guess what she was doing oh so quietly while I thought she was playing with blocks and I typed. Yep and now I just asked "what are you eating off the floor?" think it's time to go...


Beth said...

So, this is Beth & I have to explain myself. I actually just went onto the website to get the runfastmommy email address to say kathymphelps referred me. Only to find out I am the topic of the blog. OUCH!!! I would love to win the contest but my one & only friend besides the "sister" signed up. So i guess I will just have to buy one!

Karen said...

Sorry Beth! Apparently there is no sister/blogger confidentiality clause going on here. I hope you all understand that whatever you say to a blogger may be held against you in a public forum? Don't I have the right to an attorney!?

runnanna said...

Beth, I hear you running up quietly behind me! Go ahead and sign Karen up..she's the big, sneaky hold out..I'm waiting for her to make her move. This is getting to be like a chess game. Welcome to the site!

RunMom said...

My dear Beth, please accept my sincerest apologies for any embarassment my most recent post may have caused you as this was certainly not my intention. My intention was only to highlight the ingenuity of your unique contest strategy, give hope to other new followers that they too hold within themselves the great potential to win an exclusive RFM t-shirt no matter how new they may be, and perhaps also to bring you out of the darkness of anonymity and into the light of day by forcing you to comment.

Perhaps it will make you feel better to know that I used only your first name, and did not use the name of my sister (although I do believe she outed herself with her comment but that will have to be between the two of you). And I highly doubt anyone will be able to recognize you from you follower photo ;-)

RunMom said...

As for you my dear sis, must I remind you that I am in fact a journalism major. Perhaps the more important question to be asking here is how is it that you thought what you said in speaking to runfastmommy herself about a particular runfastmommy follower's attempt at winning a runfastmommy contest for a runfastmommy shirt WITHOUT first saying THIS IS OFF THE RECORD would NOT get published. Please take another look at the boldly printed title of my blog. If my own secrets are not safe, then I'm afraid yours are not either.

And yes my friends, I'm afraid my life has now become one great big giant search for the next blog post. God help us all!