Thursday, May 7, 2009

Follow Me To The Edge of Insanity Contest

Or da da daaaaaaa....announcing our inagural contest! The winner of which will not only receive bragging rights AND a virtual trophy, the best of which my imaginary money can buy, but also the first Runfastmommy swag...a running shirt. And this is by no means one of my husband's stolen undershirts dipped in tie dye (or rather left over Easter Egg dye)by my 3 year old. This is an actual technical running shirt with wicking fabric adorned by the new and soon to be released (as soon as I can figure out how in the heck I can change my header graphic without the rest of my blog magically disappearing) runfastmommy logo drawn by none other than yours truly (don't get too excited, I'm no Rembrandt although I am a certified master of the artistic style known to some as minimalist personnas...aka stick figures...hint hint as to what our logo may be)

Here's our contest goal: let's say triple the size of So we can spread our fun (or germs) to the far reaches of the globe and ensure that every mom, mamma, mommy, mother, ma who runs, wants to start running, or has ever even thought about running can share in our silliness and get at least a little giggle out of an otherwise hectic day. And so that all the non-mommies can further understand and develop at least a mild form of appreciation for what it is exactly us mammas go through to slap on those shoes and get our run in (and ok maybe they'll chuckle a little too...chuckle not giggle b/c I'm thinking chuckle sounds much more masculine and alot of these non-mammas happen to be fellas)

So Get to It...What Do You Do To WIN?

Simple. Get more followers. The person who refers the most followers to wins. Two steps here:

1. They've got to sign up as a follower over on the right hand side column. This might mean that they have to sign up for a google account which will take all of 30 seconds to do, but I need to see their smiling mugs on my site in order to count (or at least the vague outline of their profile if they would prefer to bask in anonymity using the default graphic and not upload a picture)ADDITIONAL NOTE: They MUST follow publicly not privately. If your people follow me privately, I won't know about it.

2. Then, they need to send me an email at with the name (or alias if you're not using your real name here) of the person who sent him/her here. This is important otherwise I won't be able to properly credit the person who sent them and it is possible for people not participating in the contest to sign up as followers too. So I won't know if that follower belongs to you unless THEY tell me (by the way, there is no claiming of followers. THEY have to tell me you sent them not you saying "oh yeah he's mine and she's mine and that ones mine too, etc.)

We will keep a running tally in the side bar so you can see your competition. I'll update it daily (no I won't. I can have every intention of doing that but just know now, it's not happening. We're talking semi-daily at best, but I WILL go ahead and put the date down that I update so you will at least know that)

Who Can Participate?

Anybody. Well ok...anybody...except my husband Ollie. Sorry babe. He's far too close and has way too much influence over me to participate. Plus, he knows my passwords pretty much everywhere and could just alter the results in his favor.

But even the newest person who stumbles on the website or perhaps who you've sent here can participate. In fact, you may have a head start because you are reading this now, but they may have a leg up because they will have an entirely new sphere of influence to find followers from whereas I know you all have already been talking to certainly everyone you know and they could quite possibly be sick of me by now (NO you say...yes, yes. It's true not all people love runfastmommy especially the diehard running purists we discussed earlier)

Who Can Be A Follower?

Anybody. They don't have to be a mom and they don't have to be a runner. They just have to be a living breathing person (not that I am certifying this or anything, I'll take your word on it) and if you have a dog who really thinks I'm funny than ok you can sign him up too (no you can't I'm just kidding...I want no Fidos or Fluffies on my followers list please). Because I have been told that even non-runners and non-mommies don't mind reading my ramblings. Although, I think you've got a better shot at people following through with signing up AND sending me the email if they are at least somewhat actually interested in what's going on here so that is probably a runner and/or a mom or at least somebody who knows a running mom.

But only one follower profile per person. In other words, not matter how many personalities you may have, you do in fact only have one set of eyeballs to read my blog with therefore, only sign yourself up one time as a follower. Any more than that is a little more like stalking than following and besides just being weird (and a little scary) this would also be a form of cheating. Oh and you may not refer yourself in case you were wondering.

How Can I Find These Followers?

However you want I suppose. Word of mouth, send an email, twitter, myspace, facebook, forums. Feel free to post my link anywhere. Well...almost anywhere...I ask that you please stay true to runfastmommy and do not post my link anywhere vulgar, hateful or obscene. (Now that 1/2 of the net is ruled out) feel free to post anywhere else.


The winner of the contest MUST be a follower him/herself. Otherwise, that's just silly (although perhaps more fitting since most of what I do here is silly ;-)


On June 6th at 11:59:59PM in order to get you your shirt in time for plenty of summer running. The winner will be announced on June 7th and will be the feature of my blog post that day.

I'll post pictures of the shirt as soon as it's finished being designed. If you have any questions on the contest that you think everybody might like to know the answer to, be sure to post them here. Otherwise you can feel free to send me an email at

Good Luck Everybody!


PPS. If you cheat you will be given a public timeout AND then banned for all eternity(aka grounded for life). And how will I know if you cheat? I'm a mom. I will know. I've got eyes in the back of my virtual head.

PPPS. (really do you keep adding p's or do you start with the s's? what's the protocol here? Maybe I just shouldn't have forgotten to put this stuff up in the body eh?) Email addresses-I WILL NOT be using any email addresses for spam. Nor will I be sharing them with anybody else. You have my solemn promise on that. Your followers are going to get one email from me asking them if they would like to receive my posts via email and that is it. PERIOD. Anything else from me will be at their request. With the only exception being if something (God Forbid) happens to my blog and I need to notify you all of it's disappearance and direct you somewhere else while the search is on.


HEATHER said...

Hi Kelly! Glad to have come across your blog! I am also a "run faster mommy" kinda mom! I'm looking forward to reading your blog! good luck with the contest!!
Heather (working on being a faster mom)

RunMom said...

Heather great to have you here! Comment anytime...I love it! Thanks for the support on the contest. You feel free to jump right in on it and get yourself a running shirt if you like. It's wide open as you can see :-)

RunMom said...

SORRY NO TIES IN THIS CONTEST! In the event of a tie, we will go straight to sudden death overtime. The details of which will be released at the end of the contest should a tie breaker become necessary.

RunMom said...

Please also note subscribing(left hand column), while good for you as you will recieve semi-daily doses of silliness delivered directly to your email inbox, reader, etc., is not the same as following (right hand column). They don't tell me who subscribes only who follows. So unfortunately subscribers can't count for this contest. SORRY!