Friday, May 22, 2009

As Promised...

Ok as promised, let's start you off right with a little bit of yummy


That's right! It seems Mars is trying to provide a little "chocolate relief" for us all during this economic recession. And I for one am not going to, let thier charitable contributions go uneatan. And yes, I do realize that a candy bar costs less than a dollar, but it's the principle: chocolate + free= happiness.

So just click on chocolate and it will take you over to Mars' site. You can do it on 4 Fridays, and sadly you do have to wait for your coupon to arrive in the mail (but just think of how excited you'll be when you get it) and the 2nd time you go there it'll take even less time, just your email.

So enjoy...and remember...who's your favorite blogger? ;)

PS. just set myself up so I can do blog posts, so I'll be able to send you a little update or two from the race TOMORROW!!!(yikes...did I just say that?)


Kelly's runner said...


Thanks for making the ultimate chocolate sacrifice. Someone has to take the plunge.

Good luck and have fun at the race!

HEATHER said...

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR RACE TOMORROW!! A half mary I see? My fav! can't wait to hear all about it!