Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I Am Thankful (AKA My Carefully Disguised List of Gripes)

Thinking positive...thinking positive...thinking positive...

Ok here we go:

#10 I AM THANKFUL FOR DOGS - Cute, fluffy, cuddly, man's best friend. I LOVE Dogs really I do, but you'd think man's best friend could figure out that man isn't so fond of his business smack dab in the middle of the running trails and even more so you would hope the owner of man's best friend would realize that the rest of the general public is not excited about said business on those same trails. Furthermore, unless your dog is in fact, cute, fluffy and cuddly (or even if he is for that matter) there is this ingenious invention called A LEASH which keeps him close to you and off my heels because again I LOVE dogs but NOT at all when I am running. (PS. just because your dog "don't worry, doesn't bite" does not mean I enjoy having him chasing after my heels irregardless of his size...yeah, not fun for me)

#9 I AM THANKFUL FOR TREES - Ahhh beautiful trees, beautiful budding trees in early spring so gorgeous to look at. Wait...what's that? When they are budding they in fact do not also have leaves and therefore provide NO SHADE? That would explain my sunburn.

#8 I AM THANKFUL FOR SPRING - One of the reasons I live in MI, I enjoy all the seasons, especially when they first change from one to the next. Spring is my favorite. Spring, you know the season that comes near the end of March thru early June, nice and sunny, yet still mild temps with a few light breezes. You today...when it was 83 degrees and hurricane force winds (that were not cool I might add) smacking me in the face no matter which direction I ran. WHAT? WHERE IS MY SPRING?!

#7 I AM THANKFUL FOR COOL BEVERAGES - Hot gatorade...need I say more?

#6 I AM THANKFUL FOR NEW SHOES - So nice and cushy when you first put them on. Just FYI: They are not officially broken in until you've taken them on you first long run. Five blisters today on one foot and a very sore arch on the other. (oh but on the positive side of things I got to try out our new pain relief creme, Emu Eeze, on my tender tootsies. All but one blister is gone already and my arch is only mildly irritating me now, so that was pretty sweet. See I am a positive thinker!) Anyway, I'd say the shoes (or maybe my feet) are broken in now.

#5 I AM THANKFUL FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T STINK - Am I the only person who has a heightened sense of smell when I run? (also when I'm pregnant by the way) I'm not talking sweat here or someone with an unrecognizable body order (that only happens when you are stuck in a line or in a crowded church pew, or is that just me?) Perfume is the culprit. Who wears perfume when they go out to exercise anyway? And even if you're just going for a nice leisurely walk, have a little respect for those of us who are working their guts out (or dare I say up and out for some of us...not me. I'm not working that hard these days :-)

#4 I AM THANKFUL FOR GU - Ok seriously, I love that stuff and in one desperate and shameful night I almost sucked down a vanilla bean gu to silence the call of my sweet tooth. Only by sheer determination and will power (ok and maybe a fear of what bad habit that would become) did I march myself upstairs and go to bed. Yes, I have issues with sweets but that's another story altogether. However, I do not love gu coated all over my fingers in the last mile of a hot hot 10 mile run when I am faced only with two options: use the last remaining bit of my water so I'm not so sticky OR run on. I chose to run on (and attempt to lick it all off my fingers as I did...I actually have no shame)

#3 I AM THANKFUL FOR FLAT TRAILS - No, I'm still cutting hills some slack here. I will not even be mentioning the hills on my trail (7 by the way, one at the end that almost sucked the very life out of me...oops! I guess I am mentioning them) I mean trails that don't slant to one side or the other and put your feet at weird angles when you run thereby making all the rest of your joints do weird things to adapt. Anybody know of any in my area by the way?

#2 I AM THANKFUL FOR WILD ANIMALS - Really. No, seriously. It's kind of cool to see the little squirrels, ducks, sometimes even a deer out on the trails. It's the terrorist geese I'm not to sure about. They're sitting there right by the edge of the trails, not moving a muscle waiting for the perfect moment to launch their attack. I just know it. All I could think about was the movie The Birds and it's sequel coming to theatres everywhere this summer: The Geese.

One of those suckers, sat there watching us run by and then at the last minute popped up and started to sort of goose waddle/run next to us for a little stint (yep, we were so slow a goose could keep up...must I remind you...83 degrees!) It was so bizarre and once we got ahead a little, I knew at any moment he was going to let loose and start flying and bite me in the bottom (or would that be beak me? they have no teeth right?) Those geese will do anything to win I hear.

#1 I AM THANKFUL I AM A CHRISTIAN - Not only for the whole Jesus being my Lord and Saviour and the promise of an eternity in Heaven and all, but because of this "Oh LORD, get me up this hill!" "Please God, let me finish!" and any of the many prayers I utter throughout my run. I mean give this a thought for a second: what do atheist runners say to themselves to finish a tough run? Boggles the mind.

So that was my hot, windy, stinky, run today. The kind of run that makes you feel like you are an expert walker when you're done (meaning I had to struggle so hard to finish that last little bit of it that after a little rest and a stretch I felt like, hey my run may have sucked, but look how good I am at this walking thing, it's not even a little hard) But it's in and done and I didn't quit (even though that was quite possibly the smarter thing to do today because it was so darn hot.)

One more week on my way up (13 next Sunday) before I start to taper back down for Bayshore.



Anonymous said...

Yes!My feet were burning up today too! I figured it was from the Hot pavement. Love your list, but get up there in your "about me" section and get rid of the "I'd rather run in the heat than the cold" Are you crazy!!! I hate the heat. And by the way all you runfastmommy followers..she ran great today in that heat no matter what she says!...her running partner punked out at's almost midnight and I am still mad at myself for not finishing. Grrr..... love the list more thing to be thankful for...air conditioned car rides home.runnanna

runnanna said...

OK..I just read that the Central Park marathon was cancelled today and the half became a non-competitive event because the temps were predicted to be in the 80's. For some reason that makes me feel just a teeny bit less of a whimp for punking out early. Now I can go to bed and dream about better, future, cooler runs! Runnanna

RunMom said...

Wait...let's just re-state that running temp rule of thumb...once you start running temps will feel about 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. That would be 103. No shame in calling it a day a little early when it's hot.

Might I direct you back over to my profile box? It's called "living to run another day" and the most important thing a runner can do for themselves in my opinion is know when enough is enough.

mom4x2boston said...

I just found your blog last week and I love it!! I laugh out loud reading it!

Coach Brigitte said...

Kelly, have you tried Balega socks? I have not run in anything else in 4 yrs and never get a blister, not even for a marathon. In the heat I transition to thinner socks otherwise my feet feel really hot and uncomfortable too. Great blog!!!

RunMom said...

Welcome mom4x2boston! Glad you stumbled on over!

RunMom said...

Coach B-nope I've never even heard of them. Let's give the good people a link for Balega Socks But I would be remiss if I didn't refer you to my dirty little Secret #4: I Steal My Husband's Running Socks You see there's something about me you should know. Not so sure I'd be able to hang on to those socks for long :-)