Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So...I See We Are Protesting & And A Little Something For the Moms of Multiples

Apparently I have made my point. Since we usually average, oh say, 4-5 comments on a post and I have received nada on the last one, I'm going to take that as a sign. Those looking for short posts will have to take themselves elsewhere because the wonderfully crazy followers I do have don't like them. And who I am if not a person for the people?

So from this point on, I'll be true to me even at the cost of disenfranchising a few people with short attention spans (wait...I short poster fans can go find me on twitter where I struggle daily to shorten my silliness into just 140 characters. It's quite a site to see)

And onto the moms of multiples. How I have somehow been blessed to have a few supermoms following my blog I will never know. (I am so not worthy) But in the last week or so we've had two moms of triplets (and triplets in their toddler years no less, Oy!) join our ranks. Both starting off on new running journies, one is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society AND taking on her first marathon. The other taking on a feat just as daunting, how to re-engage after some time off. And here's my struggle, how can I possibly encourage these brave women on. I can not even begin to imagine the daily strains on their time schedules and what I find difficult to manage with my little darlings must only be multiplied.

And the simple truth of it is...cheerleader, yes I can and will do that for these moms (and for anybody else who needs one by the way :-), but motivator, probably not.

So accepting this weakness and moving on, I've found something or someone rather that might just do the trick. And I want to share this with you all because not only will these very special and very tough moms with triplets be able to relate, but if this doesn't kick all of our butts to get off the couch and get moving. I don't know what will.

Meet the Spokeswoman for the Supermoms of Running: Jenny Masche (so just in case you don't know you need to click her name there and it will take you to a little video. There might be a commercial first...sorry...can't help that. Blame NBC. If it's the same Sprint commercial I watched, it's mildly humorous if that makes you feel any better. But go watch that video first before you finish reading, otherwise the rest won't make much sense and you might as well find something else to read).

How about that for a running stud eh? And I hear she is actually training for her 2nd marathon now.

So mammas (and non-mamma RFM fans), next time our little darlings seem to have gotten the better of us and we're thinking we deserve a mindless night of tv watching with a scrumptious bowl of ice cream (vanilla, with hot fudge, caramel and some pecans in case you were wondering...yum, yum :-) or you're just thinking your bed is a little too comfy, all warm and toasty, to roll out of for a run(for you crazy, yet highly respected, morning runners), let's just make this little pack and ask ourselves...What Would Jenny Do?

'Til next time...


Sarah said...

Ok, I'm the triplet mom whose been having some trouble getting my running shoes back on. I'm happy to report that I ran 2 nights in a row. As lame as a 2 mile run is, I did it!

runnanna said...

2 miles is NOT KAME for a mom with triplets! think of how many people are not running/exercising at all. Good job Sarah and all the other running moms out there! So glad the longer winded runfast mommy is back!Love your stories and thanks for the Jenny video. I have NO excuse now! runnanna

RunMom said...

Gotta say I agree Sarah! When I started back up running after the birth of my second daughter I think I started with like 1 mile of walking. So if you running 2 your first couple of times out, I think that's AWESOME! WTG on getting it in. Run on mamma!

Lani said...

Thanks for posting this!! I appreciate seeing other moms of multiples getting out there and running, it lets me know that I can do it too:)
I saw that sextuplet mom on Deal or No Deal not too long ago too- good for her!