Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretend Running & Runfastmommy Shirt Status

Almost reached a new low today ladies and gentelmen...had an easy 5 miles to do and my husband's Aunt Shellie graciously came over to watch the girlies so I could get it done on the treadmill during the day and she could have a little play time with the kiddies.

To her surprise, despite the gorgeous weather outside, I opted once again for the dark dingy confining walls of my basement. You see the basement has it's pluses, it's cool for one and so therefore I could run in pants rather than shorts which the outside temps were demanding and I wasn't quite willing to brave today, mostly because of the forest growing on the pastey white backdrop which happens to be my legs (don't worry...the forest has been they'll be only 1/2 as scary should you happen to pass me on the trails this weekend if you're in my area.)

So, I get downstairs and start the run only to realize that my left hip, right knee and right ankle are all giving me a hard time. WHAT THE HECK?! Of course, I'm not stopping, I'd just like to know where in the world (is Carmen San Diego?) did all this come from. I run a little farther. Not even to a 1/2 mile yet and I further realize that I am dog tired. The kind of tired where you're thinking there's a real possiblity that your legs could just give out at any moment. Now I've run enough to realize that running has it's ups and downs and at any given moment you could be up or ...well...down. So, I'm thinking, just down right now, just getting started haven't loosened up yet, I'll run all this stuff off.

But by 1 1/2 miles and not even the teeniest bit less tired or sore, a new thought starts to cross my mind. Really I could just PRETEND I went for a run. Aunt Shellie and the girls are upstairs, the treadmill is pretty loud, I could just leave that sucker running, lay down on the floor and take a nap. No one would ever have to know.

And for another mile, this is all I thought about. Could I pull it off? That little piece of carpeting over there would be probably be pretty cushy, but frankly I don't care even if it's not. I could run a little just before I go upstairs to look all sweaty and out of breath. Do I really need to get this run in? Shouldn't I really rest these little aches and pains? I deserve a nap right?

Then I thought of you all and my publicly announced goal (and the fact that I was now almost halfway done helped a bit too) and I realized that I can't just sit around on the couch eating Cadburry eggs (especially b/c I ate the last one today) and giving the illusion that I'm running when I'm not. So despite how desperately I just wanted to take a secret nap today, because of you all I ran.

So thank-you (I hate you) from the bottom of my heart (and the depths of my soul) I am forever grateful (and suggest you watch your back) that you kept me on track today (and stole my nap and forced me to run in pain) and because of this I know that I am now that much closer to my goal (or hunting you down). No, in all seriousness, who knew a blog would keep me on target? The rest of my run was spent thinking about how I was going to blog this and went by fairly quickly and as expected I am no longer tired. Now the soreness is another story, but thankfully my husband offered to stretch me (he's got a degree in sports med which I found out today is nothing more than a degree in finding which way you move hurts and then forcing you to move that way to "stretch you out"...thanks hon)

As for the shirts...we are a go people. I am currently choosing shirts and working with a good friend on the logo. So keep an eye posted because I'll be announcing the first contest very soon in which the winner will guessed it...a shirt! Because here on we're all about blood, sweat and tears (or boogers, vomit, and know I can no longer write a post without poop in it right?) and we're going to earn those shirts dangit (another mom cuss word). At least for now, until I release my whole line of runfastmommy sporting apparel and matching children's activewear, which will come shortly after the launch of my runfastmommy fragrance (called you stink mommy) and chain of hotels (run away here mommy) and let's not forget of course about the motivational book and cd series (runfastmommy tells all) all of course leading up to the runfastmommy revolution and the birth of the runfastmommy nation (otherwise known as RFM...see it's all worked out already). So stay tuned. You are not going to want to miss this.


Anonymous said...

Dang it yourself. I was getting pretty excited reading this AT FIRST. I was thinking, well if runfastmommy can opt for a nap in lieu of a run, by George, so can I. but I made the mistake of reading to the end and now sadly, I have no excuse and have to do my run (on plantar fascitis..grrrrr)too. Thanks a lot RFM for kicking my butt yet again! runnanna

Lani said...

I'm hoping my blog does the same for me:) I tend to lose focus and I have a big goal, so I'm hoping (praying) that having other people hold me accountable, I will stick with it!

RunMom said...

Lani, well let me wander on over there and see if I can lend you a hand and maybe some of my followers will do the same :-)

Kelly's runner said...

Woo hoo, Bring on the contest!

Glad you decided to keep running and not fake out a run on the treadmill. Too funny.

Lani said...

Thanks for the kind words Kelly- hope to see you at Disney next year:)

Sarah said...

Hi - wanted to introduce myself. I found your blog through Lani's blog. I guess I should still call myself a runner although I'm having a lot of trouble getting back into it. I have 2 year old triplets - enough said.

I find other moms who run inspiring.

Btw - I have family in Utica (Shelby Township) MI.

Looking forward to following.

RunMom said...

Hey Sarah!

Welcome! Yeah I'm thinking you're probably doing quite a bit of running with those little darlings. Might not be as hard to get back into it as you think, you're probably already there cardiowise!

Glad to have you around. Drop us a comment anytime. We LOVE them here!