Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oops! Almost Forgot This!

Well, actually I didn't know it existed until I went to go upload this picture and realized it wasn't a picture but a little video of Chloe's race and since this is in fact not only my running blog, but also the ultimate brag book, I figure what the heck. And it's only like 15 seconds long, so I don't think it's like one of those never ending slideshows about some vacation my Grandma used to make me watch when I was a kid (no offense to Grandma, she takes pretty sweet pictures and all, but I was like 8 and didn't know any of the people and inevitably something would go wrong with the projector and therefore extend the time of my misery. Not that Grandma even owns a computer or anything, but just in case she has an undercover spy working somewhere in my ranks, I thought that I should perhaps address this)So that and also that my brain is currently fried and therefore unable to come up with anything to write at the moment even with my handy dandy brainstorming sheet (hmmm...where is that again?) is the reason I'm posting this.

So enjoy the little video and we'll chat some more tomorrow... Oh and just FYI, yep, she's talking about Bill (the dude Chloe named in the mysterious red costume, which has recently been identified by a loyal follower as the Key Bank mascot...thanks Sarah!)

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Kelly's runner said...

That is just too cute. OMG :)