Saturday, April 4, 2009

My 3 Year Old's Marathon: Martians, Multitudes, and of course a Mountain

Today was the big day. With 25 miles under her belt (in 3 months time, I'm not running some sort of kiddie boot camp here) today was the big finish. 1.2 miles in front of adoring crowds at the Kids Mini Martian Marathon. We may have brought up the rear, in a field of oh I don't know 500 or so kids, but that child of mine stopped only for a quick hug after a fall (pretending to be a galloping horse has it's risks), a peek to see what was going on under a bridge we ran over, and a brief attempt at trying to get the attention of some dude in a a red costume (I have no idea what he was supposed to be, but I can tell you he was affectionately referred to as Bill since in the mind of a 3 year old everyone MUST have a name), who, by the way, Chloe would later discover was not as much fun close up.

And well ok, I also had to carry her on the hill. Yes, that's right I said hill. Now what sort of nazi, communist race planner puts a hill on a kids run, and almost at the finish no less, I have no idea. Carrying Chloe was not because she couldn't handle it. In fact, she did, she ran right up that puppy. The only problem was she kept making a bee line for the edge of it yelling "I gonna jump" with a wild grin on her face. So yeah, I opted to carry her.

After the race we rewarded her with rice (from Mongolian BBQ...yum...and excellent pre-race carbo loading for me) and ice cream. So I know this sounds like a strange combination here. But she's been wanting rice for the past few days (her inner runner was calling out to her "you need carbs Chloe") and I didn't have any on hand. And as for the ice cream, well, come on do I really need to explain that?

So that was the race. It really was a blast. If you live in Michigan and have kids, check it out for next year. Tomorrow, my turn. One last time...ugh..hills.

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Kelly's runner said...

I can't wait to find out if Mom tackled the hills with same elan as Chloe :)