Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Introducing....the New Me!

Or as Chloe would say "Da Da Da Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." So we're basically setup with the new format here on runfastmommy.com. A few little tweaks still need to be made, like a translation tool that's drifting into my posts. And I've got a few more things to add, but we're well on our way and the best news of the day is that all my lovely followers came along for the ride!

So take a little peek around, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. I've got lots more running tales to tell here in our newly remodeled home.


timothyodell said...

Love the new look Kelly. Not cluttered at all. Can you let me know where you got the template?

Kelly's runner said...

Well if I only had a nice comfy chair to relax in and enjoy the remodeled reading room.