Saturday, March 21, 2009

An Update: Martians, Running Attire, & Of Course More Sock Thievery

Lots left hanging out there, thought it might be time for an update.

First and most importantly, drumroll please....Yes. Chloe has earned her martian. She has successfully run, walked, bunny hopped, danced, and galloped herself 10 miles. In fact, she's at 13. Only 12 more to go in prep for the kids mini martian marathon on April 4th. I'm a little nervous about getting in the whole 25 with only 13 days to go before the big race, but if we can get in a few 1 1/2 milers we ought to be good to go (although she has been resisting pretty much everything over 1/2 mile since the big 2 mile debacle...see my bunny hopin marathoner for details).

Oh and in case you were wondering, the martian's name is Marty and he's a little on the shy side. Marty's had a bit of a difficult time getting to know some of Chloe's other toys and stuffed animals. I guess maybe being from another planet and all it takes some getting used to here, but Buddy (my daughter's beloved donkapotamus, that would be donkey, cow, and hippo) has been trying to help him make friends so I think he'll end up adjusting to his new home alright, though I'm sure he'll be happy to revisit some old friends at the race.

Race attire has been decided on. Jeans (this has been chosen by mommy due to the fact that Chloe's top half tends to get ahead of her bottom half which from time to time ends in a colossal fall, but of course she always jumps up and announces either with or without tears "I'm alright." and continues on). She will also be sporting a green sparkly headband with shamrocks atop of pipecleaners generously contributed by Aunt Shellie, a pink tutu, and of course her sparkly pink running shoes. The shirt has yet to be decided, but I'm placing my bet on her best light up Ariel T-Shirt or her "running shirt" from the Turkey Trot in Detroit this past Thanksgiving or in true Chloe fashion none it all (have I mentioned yet that I can't keep clothes on this child despite my best efforts?)

And finally onto the socks. You may or may not have noticed there have been no recent comments from my husband. Ok well maybe you didn't notice, but I have and have been starting to wonder whether or not he's actually reading this dandy little blog of mine. Until yesterday. I was getting ready for a run and was missing what else but a pair of socks. Never fear Ollie's here right? So I head over to his draw and made the shocking discovery. There was not a single pair of running socks to be found. Luckily, I was able to scrounge up two mismatched running socks of my own so I survived. But this begs the question, did he read my blog? And if so, where now is he hiding his running socks? Or have I in fact crossed the line? I've stolen one too many pairs of his little running gems and now they are lost into the great abyss that is my laundry. Either way, as it stands, I'll be naked feet tomorrow.

Unless...and I know this is a stretch here...I'm just thinking out loud...what if I actually do a load of my own? I mean it's really Madelyn's turn, but what if? Just what if? What if I had a clean pair of matching running socks that fit my feet because they were in fact my own?

Hmmm....I wonder if I can run in men's dress socks?


BikerMomma said...

Great news about the martian! Glad to hear he's settling in well with the rest of the family. :)

I don't think the dress socks will do you any good...although you might look quite stylin'. :D

Karen said...

If only your children had bigger feet,you'd never run out of socks! Oh, and I'd hide the Oreo's until Ollie reveals the secret sock hiding place.

RunMom said...

BikerMomma, sad to report, tonight Marty has gone missing. I'll keep you posted. If you hear anything let me know.

RunMom said...

Karen, unfortunately, in case you didn't notice this evening, since my 3 year old was wearing one of her socks and one of your sons, she has not been spared the sock woes either. I'm not wearing hers. I'm just not washing hers enough either, well that and the fact that she randomly rips them off and chucks them in any number of locations. I seriously picked up a good dozen socks from the back of my car a few minutes ago.

As for the Oreos, excellent idea Obe Wan.

Karen said...

I don't know why you even bother to dress that little girl (other than it's illegal not to!)

Anonymous said...

I'll give you a dollar if you'll run the Martian half wearing men's dress socks!Runnanna!

RunMom said...

Make it 2$ and your on. I'm going to need fries to go with that double cheesburger.