Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Secret #5: I Run On Flex Time

Little posting snafu. This was supposed to be up last night somehow forgot to click post or blogger just doesn't like me. Anyway, here it is now...

This evening, approximately 8PM, a chilly dark and semi-stormy night (ok it really hasn't rained since about 4ish, I'm painting a picture people) with little warning, I make a wild break for it. The girls are fast asleep (well almost) and there's not much my unsuspecting husband can do to stop me. I'm out the door, into my car and peeling out of the driveway with a wave of the hand. My only baggage is a small purse (unlike most days when I look like I'm headed out on a weeklong safari). I turn up the radio and open the windows so I can feel the wind in my hair (at least I would have if it hadn't been so cold and looked like the sky might open up at any moment and pour down a wild spring shower)

I AM FREE! Like an escape con, or a bat out of hell, or maybe just a kid on Christmas morning the adrenaline is coursing through my veins and I am giddy with delight. I have left my house without kids! Albeit only to get formula, but NONETHELESS I am alone and man does it feel good.

THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHY I LOVE TO RUN! I run on flex time. Four days a week is all I put in. One good long run on the weekend. One focused run of some sort during the week...hills, tempo, speed, something like that. Two slow easy runs. No, I am not setting the world on fire with a schedule like this, but I am well on my way to shedding those last remaining baby pounds clinging to me like a leech on a hippo or jelly on a donut (yum...that's much more appealing let's go with that wait...appetizing more aptly describes this analogy...better stick to the leech & the hippo before I stop off at the fridge for a late night snack). And I will hit my goals, slowly and surely, but I will hit them.

Flex time in the running sense of the term means being able to shift your runs when necessary. Being a mom, necessary is often...well...necessary. I get all my runs in. I just slide them around a bit. No missing a class, therefore missing your workout. Or feeling guilty for not doing something one night. Four days. That's what I put in a week and it doesn't matter to me which four. Just that 4 days I am moving in a semi-quick sort of fashion either on my treadmill or on the trails.

Tonight was supposed to be a hill workout. Big Martian 1/2 Marathon coming up (you know the hilly course devised by what I can only imagine was satan himself disguised as a fun loving alien)In prep I need to get in lots of hill work (or incline work rather) so that I don't find myself wiped out and lost forever in the great moutainous region of Hines Drive at about mile 10 or so (what you didn't think there were mountains in MI? Me neither. Go look at that elevation map. They import them I think). But the hills will wait until tomorrow because tonight...I AM FREE!

New Question of the Week: Is it as sad as I think it is that I am this excited about a trip to pick up formula?


timothyodell said...

too funny - I can just picture Ollie's sad face as you run out the door - "kellllyyyy come back"

Karen said...

Other baby fat analogies anyone? Like frosting on a cupcake,like dip on chips, like cheese on pizza. I am also tempted by a late night snack as I wait to see if the baby falls alseep.

Stacy said...

You are an inspiration to moms everywhere! I find it so difficult to keep up with my runs now that I'm a mom of two. And here you are, proving that my usual excuses are just lame. I vow to start running on a regular basis again. From one MI mom to another, thanks for the kick in the rear! And good luck with the 1/2 marathon coming up!