Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Running Bio Abbreviated

I case anyone's interested, I thought maybe I'd tell you a little bit more about me then just my random running thoughts.

I loved to run since I was a kid. Highschool I was a 1/4 miler and college at CMU I walked on the track team, but they were heavily loaded with 1/4 milers (like the top 3 in school history were there when I was there) and wanted me to move up in distance. Not for me though, actually that decision quite possibly may have been less about the distance and more about the beer and the parties I wanted to go to.

Fast forward to 2 years ago. My husband gets this crazy idea to run a marathon. I didn't like him running those long distances by himself and so I tagged along with him and soon I found myself signing up. Although in all honesty, I kept hoping I would get pregnant and thus be freed from my insane marathon commitment. Didn't happen. I somehow managed my way through my first marathon (a story for another day perhaps?) And long story short distance running has become quite the addiction.

So here's the before and after from my 1st marathon in Detroit:

My Husband & I Beginning to Prep
Me Flashing My Bling (it's not that I'm not
smiling, I am. That's all I got left.)

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