Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My 3 Year Old Bunny Hopin' Marathoner

So my 3 year old is training for a marathon. Let me just tell you, this is something to see. But first maybe I should explain, I'm talking a kids mini-marathon. I'm not actually running a toddler boot camp or anything, although I will admit I am attempting to run the snot out of her so she will actually go to sleep at some point. And it is in fact working, so stop judging me already. Anyway, here's the deal. She's got to run 25 miles prior to the Martian Marathon on April 5th, then she runs the last 1.2 in front of wildly adoring crowds for a medal. Oh and about half way through her training she gets a little green martian man of her own, stuffed of course, (no calling PETA or anything. You know PETA right? People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens. What did you think I was referring to?) Although, I will admit she thinks it's a frog.

Because of a slight mileage mixup yesterday, Chloe ran 2 miles instead of 1 as usual. Which I should have guessed by the way she was dragging at what I later realized was the 1 mile mark. (Apparently I lose all sense of distance judgement when I am walking with a stroller and a cooing baby. What can I say? I was distracted. )

Ok so picture this now. A 3 year little girl in pig tails, her winter coat, pink sparkly corduroys and running shoes which are also of course pink and sparkly, wearing a yellow duck hat accompanied by her Nana (my mom) who is coaxing her along with the bunny hop song, and me with a cooing baby girl in a jogging stroller who's popping out a teeny little fist from her toasty warm car seat cover cocoon to punch a hanging red monkey every now and then, while I'm hunched over trying to give her a bottle. Chloe's running I might add goes like this: run, stop cram rocks in pockets, run, stop, pick up sticks generously designated for each person she knows, greet runners with a "hi, my name's Chloe, what's yours?" as they fly by, walk a little, swing sticks, make up songs, scream, throw sticks and run from stationary squirrel, red light green light, na na na na na na hop hop hop, pretend to be a horse. Oh and she is the official dog greeter now at the park we run at. Not a single dog will get by her. Not one.

So we did 2 miles in approximately 54 minutes. We're not exactly setting the world on fire. But one thing is for certain, we are 2 miles closer to getting her that frog... hop hop hop

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BikerMomma said...

Love your blog! You are very funny, and your material is great. :) Your little girl sounds a lot like my little boy (5 years old), with the sticks and the rocks and the hopping ... very cute! :D

Keep on writing!