Friday, April 12, 2013

She's here!

Ok...technically, she's been here for awhile, but first we had to fight off a little case of jaundice. Then, my biggies all had an upper respiratory something or another, plus we were busy with spring break, and now this...

That squarish shaped ankle watching The Office, would belong to me. Story forthcoming (this weekend perhaps?). But for now, let's focus on happier thoughts. Like this...

Elise Noelle made her arrival on March 19th. She was 7lbs 12oz, 20 inches long and has been such a precious addition to our family. Who knew 9(ish) months ago that this little surprise would fit in so perfectly?

'Til next time...

Monday, February 25, 2013

I’m in!…I think

I registered for a race yesterday (technically, this was last week. I’ve had one puker after another over here since then and although this post was written, I couldn’t get around to adding the pictures until just now, hence the delay).

That’s right. Almost nine months pregnant, haven’t run a lick since September(ish) and yesterday I signed on the dotted line to run a 5K just 6 weeks out from my due date…because I am  most certainly a crazy person.

But here’s the thing, I usually have some sort of plan post baby. And usually, it’s a longerish race, a half, a full, something I’ve got to travel to go run. I do this because while I truly LOVE the shorter races (seriously, I think the 5K is my favorite of all distances) a longer race requires a longer commitment. Generally speaking, it’s not the best idea to just wing a marathon. It takes some training. For me post pregnancy, we’re looking at a bare minimum of 6 months or more and that’s IF I’ve been running while pregnant. If not, then it’s going to be many more grueling, yet in some weird way (at least to the world outside of running) enjoyable months of training.

This is a good thing though. It means that I’ll keep working out. I’ll keep pushing myself. I’ve got a goal. I’ve paid money to run that race. And in some instances, I’ve made vacation plans around it (yep, races are often planned around vacations in this household, at least the big ones). So when newborn baby is up repeatedly in the middle of the night, big sisters wake up for the day at the (butt) crack of dawn and I’m fully exhausted, I still go run. I have that goal after all.

This baby has been a little bit different though. The thought of marathon training post baby just does not appeal to me, especially because probably, if I’m being realistic considering the whole lack of running around these parts, the optimal time for a marathon is going to be next spring. A spring marathon means winter long runs. I’m a cold weather puss. In fact, I’m freezing right now. Literally, you could touch my nose or fingertips and get frostbite. I’m sure of it. And no, I am not typing this outside although I am sitting near a door which would probably be wise to move away from, but then I lose the table space that my handy dandy little notebook is sitting on and I’ll be forced to balance it on my baby belly while I wait for my daughter’s cheerleading to wrap up which while I’m sure would be fun to look at, is not optimal for capturing these pearls of wisdom and typing them for all to read. (Have I mentioned btw that one thing about pregnancy I will totally miss is my belly shelf? Where oh where shall I balance my bowl of ice cream with such ease of access?)

And let’s face it, this is not my first time doing this dance. Having a newborn in the house, running a marathon, and mixing the two, is it doable? Yes. Is it a LOT of work? Also, yes. And maybe this is just the lack of sleep from dealing with one puker and one snotty kid the past couple of days, but I don’t particularly feel like taking on the extra workload right now.  So I’m thinking this might be the year of the 5K for me. Like I mentioned earlier, I LOVE that race. I can probably knock off most of my training runs in a half hour or so. I can be ready to go much much sooner and there’s so many local, fun, themed 5Ks I could run myself silly this year if I wanted to.

So, I signed up for Color Me Rad. We had soooooooo much fun doing a color run last year,




I couldn’t resist even though it’s pretty early on the calendar, May 11th.  If my labor and delivery goes about the way they usually go and baby girl stays put all the way to my due date, I will be no where near ready to run a 5K by then. Walking it will likely not be an option either. Possibly. But probably not. But I figure hey, who knows? These babies are all different and the way I’ve been feeling lately, I seriously think I could go at anytime (hopefully at least not until all the puke & snot is out of my house though) and if there is any chance that I can run, walk, or waddle my way through that race, I am totally going to do it (and if not, I’ll be transferring my spot to RunDad so my big girls can still go. No way, I want them to miss that. I maybe should mention this to RunDad eh? He may want to start running).

And now that I actually HAVE registered for the race, I can NOT stop looking at other races. It’s a sickness really. But I figure if I’m not going to have one big fall race to shoot for, maybe a few short races strategically spaced out will keep me motivated when the new baby exhaustion sets in, at least that’s the plan (subject to change at any time with no prior written notification Winking smile )

So who’s got a suggestion for a fun must run 5K? And please, feel free to leave it even if I’d have to book an airline ticket to get there. Not necessarily because I’d be able to do that, but because they're still fun to look at even if I can't (a gal can dream can't she?) So give me your most fun, funniest, prettiest, most challenging, best swag or whatever you criteria you deem to make a race one NOT to miss, 5Ks and I’ll get back to planning my race calendar. Smile

'Til next time...

P.S. Children 7 & under can run (or in the case of my kiddos run/walk/piggyback ride) Color Me Rad for free. Isn’t that sweet?! My oldest daughter had a BLAST last year and I think that’s what made the race so special, not so much running it (which we did very little of) but just watching her face light up as we made our way around the course. Best. 5K. Ever. IMO

P.P.S. I am not in any way shape or form opposed to obstacle course races. I ran one last year and even though it was just a local, VERY low budget event, I gotta say I’m hooked. So feel free to include those in your 5K suggestions.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Look! A Post!

Guess what?! I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth!

And my sincerest apologies for my complete lack of posting over the last 6 months. I've thought about it. I really did. And I've certainly missed all of your witty commenting banter and the moral support for my somewhat senseless ramblings, but I just haven't been able to make a post. I should tell you why & give you a little update eh?

Let's see here...

When last I left you, I had told you we were surprised and blessed with an unexpected pregnancy, baby #4 for us. Baby girl #3, The Little Ninja, was just 8 months old when we found out. Surprise, surprise. It was a little bit of a rough start. I had been at the tail end of marathon training. In fact, I had run an 18 miler just two days before I got that extra yep, you're having a baby line on my pregnancy test. Since we were a little unsure of dates and timing, I got in to see my doctor right away. The baby was measuring small. I was sent for some tests and the two hormones they check to see if you're pregnant were really low, one in particular. These were not good signs. Although my doc didn't really think running had anything to do with it, he suggested I back off just a bit and come back a week or so later when everything would be re-measured to see if the baby was in fact, still with us. That was a rough week.

But the news was good, our baby was still growing and I've gotta say, the changes on ultra sound in just one week and at such an early stage of pregnancy are just simply astounding. My ultrasound pictures went from peanut to person in that one week. Human development is truly awesome to see in progress, something to behold. Unfortunately though, one of my hormone levels was still low, dangerously low, for our baby.  For some reason, my ovaries had decided that they weren't quite game for another baby just yet, and refused to do their job. So in an attempt to prevent miscarriage, my doctor prescribed some of that hormone for me to take orally.

At first, this was no big deal. I just popped that little pill & went on with my life, but it didn't take long for this one horrendous side effect to kick in. Migraines. Ugh. For those of you that struggle with these on a regular basis, please know you are in my prayers. Migraines don't mess around. I was basically the walking dead for three months. Everyday functions (like just getting out of bed) got really really stupid hard. I was seeing spots. Most of the time I didn't want to see at all. Light hurt. So did thinking. That's when my blog posts  stopped. Forming a complete thought was nearly impossible, so blogging was just not an option. I was basically just trying to survive.

And as for running, well, that came to a screeching halt as well, with the exception of one desperate moment. Knowing that running releases endorphins, the brilliant thought occurred to me in the middle of a migraine that maybe, just maybe, running might help at least make a dent in the pain. So, I hopped on the treadmill. It didn't take long to realize that when you're seeing spots and off balance, the treadmill is not the best place to be, especially when pregnant. I was wobbly at best, so I stepped off. Since most of my running is done on the treadmill (not that running on a street with cars would be much better), running was pretty much out too. At one point, my mom asked if there was something I could take to help ease the pain. Sure, I told her. Regular strength tylenol is on the list of ok for pregnancy drugs. I could take that which would be akin to shooting a BB at ferocious mamma grizzly bear protecting her young. I was miserable...and in bed a lot during that time.

But there was a light at the end of the tunnel, once into my 2nd trimester, they were going to re-test everything to see if my ovaries had perhaps decided to kick in gear. I focused on that re-test date because kind of like a marathon where running the whole 26.2 seems like too much for any sane human being to bear, so too did a full 9 months of those wicked migraines feel like more than any human being would be able to withstand. But when you break it down into a smaller, more doable chunks, things don't seem so overwhelming and you know you'll find a way to get through. Marathoning has taught me that.

Fortunately for me, 3 months of migraines, was all I had to endure. My ovaries DID get with the program and both I and baby are doing just fine now. In fact, I almost feel as if God's cutting me a little break since the first part of this pregnancy was so not pleasant. I don't have the insomnia, calf cramps, or disgusting acid reflux that I normally deal with during pregnancy (should I be knocking on wood or something?) And some of you will recall, that when I was pregnant with The Little Ninja, I had that weird fibroid that gave her a little trouble. She couldn't quite get her head around it and the idea of a C-Section was being tossed around near the end of my pregnancy. Finally, about a week prior, she finagled her head down or the fibroid stretched up with my growing uterus or some combination of the two or whatever, but it was out of the way.

Well, that fibroid was supposed to shrink post pregnancy, but I didn't exactly give it much time to do so, so it's still pretty big and growing like a weed now that the hormones are doing their thing. We're talking orange size now. But, it doesn't seem to be an issue this time around. My doc has been keeping an eye on it to see if it would get in the way of delivery and he did an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Baby girl had already at that point gotten her head down and around it. Seems like she's already ready to go and if all this pressure I'm feeling and increase in contractions means anything, I may be pretty close to ready to go to myself. I've got 6 weeks til my due date, but I seriously doubt I'm going to last that long. We shall see. Better get that to go bag packed and in the car just in case!

And YES, you read that right! Baby GIRL! We are going to be welcoming another daughter, which is fine by my oldest, The Little Miss (age 6, but almost 7 mom!). She says no other boys are allowed here, but daddy.

So that's the deal with my lack of posting, well at least the first few months anyway. After that, I'm totally blaming the holidays and Santa and all that jazz. We were crazy busy and I'm sure you all were probably too crazy busy to read this kind of stuff anyway. PLUS as I mentioned earlier, no insomnia this time, and since this isn't my first baby, I've got a really good idea of how this is all going to go down. Sleep now or forever hold your peace, if ya know what I mean. So I've been taking the sleep whenever and where ever I can get it.

And no, to answer your burning question. I did not pick the running back up after the migraines were gone. I was so good last time and ran all the way through 38 weeks. With my other two, I ran at least through 5 or 6 months, but that whole sleep thing, being tired and actually being able to fall asleep, it's been way hard to resist. Don't worry though, I may not actually be lacing up the running shoes, but my kiddos have kept me running around plenty. Being pregnant with a one year old that gets carried up and downstairs A LOT, has been quite the mom workout of sorts. Ideal? No. But I've managed to keep the weight fairly reasonable. Besides, you all will have way fun hopping on the journey with me this spring to get back down to my fighting weight. I am fully stoked for nice running weather and some crazy sounding 5Ks this summer. Maybe, just maybe, a half this spring.

And of course you need a quick update on my little ladies too!

The Little Miss, my 6 almost 7 year old, is SUPER excited about having another sister and is busy trying to come up with names for her, Sparkle Gem is currently her favorite. Although, Lipsy wasn't far behind. I, of course, told her those names were so beautiful that she needed to save them for when she had babies. That'll totally buy me some time right? The Little Miss also seems to be far less interested this time in HOW the baby will make her arrival. Remember last time? She really really wanted to know, then decided she had it all figured out. Through the belly button in a burst of sparkles. She was sure that was how it all went down and is apparently still satisfied with that. And if she's not asking, I'm not telling.

The Tiger, my 4 year old, is pretty sure that she too is also carrying a baby in her belly. She was pretty unhappy when she came home from pre-school one day though. A boy in her class had told her, "That's not your baby! That's your belly button!" So apparently she's been lifting her shirt in class which is just awesome. My Tiger also had big news over Christmas break. She lost her first tooth!

Ok no, she actually ripped out her first tooth. Seriously. She had taken 3 hard blows within about a 2 week time frame over the summer to the same tooth. When we were at the dentist shortly thereafter, he didn't like how loose it was and took an x-ray to get a better view of what was going on. The root was pretty much destroyed and when that happens, I guess the tooth needs to come out (something called resorption can occur. I don't know. I was only half listening and totally pre-occupied with the thought of how I'd EVER get her back to the dentist if they extracted a tooth from her at then THREE). We were sent home with the instructions to get to wobbling that tooth and get it out. Easier said than done. The Tiger didn't want us to mess with it. And let me ask you, would YOU stick your fingers in the mouth of a Tiger who didn't want to be messed with? Hmmm? But one night, she just decided she wanted it out. I thought she was asleep, but no, she was in the bathroom pulling out her own tooth like it was no big thing. The most traumatizing aspect of the whole tooth removal? The next morning when she came running downstairs angrily shouting, "MOMMY! Look what that toof fairy did! She took my toof and gave me THIS!" waving her $5 bill unhappily. Apparently, the tooth was of far more value to her. (Note to the reader: my kids do not normally get $5 a tooth. I was fully unprepared for a visit from the tooth fairy that night. That's all I had on me.)

Then there's The Ninja, who originally was nicknamed for her epic battles in her bouncy seat with the hanging animal toys. She'd bat a fist and make noises similar to what you'd hear out of an old Kung Fu movie. Now that she's pushing one and a half though and we've gotten to see more of her personality, I'm thinking we might need to change that nickname to The Comedian. She's tight with her smiles and is most often straight faced, but then she's got these facial expressions that she uses at the most perfect times that are hysterical. I've never seen a baby use their eyebrows the way this kiddo does. If I can catch it on film, I'll post it. And certainly not to be outdone by her sisters, she can talk it up just like the other two, babby babbles, but talking constantly nonetheless. She, of course, has no idea what's about to hit her in another month or so with the new baby. I'm sure she's going to be a great big sister though! I hope!

And RunDad, we can't forget about him! He's in the middle of that Beach Body Reset. He thought he'd give that a go and see what it's like. I'm really the one reaping the benefits though. He's taking care of his own meals, so I have one less person to cook for. PLUS on some nights, he makes enough for both of us which is awesome. Last night, I had this great veggie stir fry, that I didn't have to lift a finger for. And we've got to have lots of fresh cut up veggies and fruit in the house, which always seems to be so much harder for me to make happen in the winter, but now that we're double teaming it, it's no problem.

RunDad was thinking of a spring half, but I'm not sure if that's still the case now. He's got a couple of weeks left on this reset and I guess you're not really supposed to exercise while it's going on since you pretty much cut out all carbs by the end of it. Carbs are pretty important to an endurance runner after all. So by the time this reset is over, that really wouldn't give him much time to train, but you know the fellas. They don't ever train like they should anyways (and my husband will be complaining about that last comment in ...5...4...3...2...1...) Just kidding honey! (Sort of ;-) )

So that's the update! And I will do my very best to slide on and give you a post once a week (or so, did I mention there's a baby coming?) that way they don't all have to be as long as a novel. I've also got some giveaways and cool running gear to talk about that I've had simmering on the back burner for a while now and of course, it's sure to be a riot to watch me go from couch potato to runner again. You surely wouldn't want to miss that now would you? Plus there will most definitely be a picture & stats of our new little lady as soon as she decides to make her arrival. So stay tuned...

'Til next time...

P.S. If you sent me an email during my hiatus, hang tight! I will reply. Promise! I'm just a little behind and doing my best to play catch up right now. For those of you who have asked about coaching, YES! I'm still coaching. That's been one of my priorities and I've stayed on top of it. My coaching specials for the new year are posted here.

P.P.S. You just got the update on me. I'd love to hear what you lovely ladies have been up to or are going to be up to this year in the comments! Anybody have any big racing and/or running plans for 2013? Any other new babies going to be making their arrival this year?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fat burning coffee (or tea) winner!!!

Before I tell you who the winner is, I just want to give a special shout out to all you moms out there who are sending a baby off to school for the first time. I see your posts on FB and I remember how tough it was leaving that classroom on my oldest daughter’s first day. Yes, there were tears (mine, not hers) and I may or may not have been able to do little more than drive around the block the school was located for the entire time she was there.

Now fast forward to this year, where I will literally be taking the Tiger to her first day of pre-school, dropping her off, wishing the teacher good luck, running out the door and turning off my cell phone. Ok, ok, I’m exaggerating. All I’m saying is that it does seem to get a little easier (which is easily said when the Tiger’s first day is still two+ weeks out. Ask me the day of and I may be singing a different tune).

Stay strong mamas and know that your little one is going to be full of excited stories to tell you when you pick them up and waiting with the biggest hug you’ve ever had. Seeing my daughter’s big eyes and terrific smile whenever I walked through the door to pick her up at school fast became some of my most favorite mom moments. I hope that’ll be true for you too!

BUT ENOUGH ALREADY!!! The winner of Boresha’s fat burning coffee (or tea, winner’s choice) is…


Congratulations Sarah! Send me an email at and I’ll fill you in on all the details. If you’re not Sarah and you’d still like to give that fat burning coffee or tea a try, you can read all about it and/or order some up for yourself here. OR feel free to send my husband an email at He’s more than happy to tell people all about how he cut all that weight (pictures here) and answer questions PLUS if you tell him that I sent you, that certainly ought to be good for a free sample or two. You may not lose 30 lbs with just a sample or two, but hey, at least you can see if you like it.

As always, more giveaways to come! Stay tuned…

'Til next time...

Friday, August 17, 2012

The ONE thing I’d really like all running moms to stop saying

Ok, I’m finally gonna do it. I’ve stayed silent on the matter long enough. I’m going to make this plea and beg you all to stop saying something. I hear it far too frequently in my many many conversations with running moms and quite frankly, it’s just not true. And I’m going to kindly ask you all to rethink this statement just a little bit. It’s this one (or some variation of it):

“Running is the one thing I do just for me.”

No, it isn’t. Even if you think it is, it isn’t.

Now, I get the sentiment behind the statement. TRUST ME. I get it. As a mom, you pretty much spend every waking minute (and often many of those minutes which you intend to NOT be awake) in dedication to the little people in your life that you adore. You give of yourself until there’s nothing left and then you find a way to give some more. I know this. Running seems like the one thing where you leave it all behind and just take care of you and your needs.

But here’s the thing ladies, even though you might intend for your runs to be “just for you,” by default they aren’t. Every time you set foot out that door or onto the treadmill, you are doing something that benefits not just you, but your entire family.

For starters, your kids NEED a healthy mama not only to keep up with them on a daily basis, but so that you’ll be around for a long time. I realize that tomorrow is promised to no one, but we all know that a regular exercise routine, in our case running, is good for you and can help prolong your life. Recent studies have shown that runners typically live longer than non-runners. (Yay for us!)

And don’t forget about the way you FEEL when you come back in from a run. Refreshed, energized, ready to tackle the world or that toilet that your 3 year old clogged with three rolls of toilet paper and your entire family’s toothbrushes while on your husband’s watch when you were gone. For me personally, I clearly have more energy, patience and I’d even say mental clarity after I run. All things crucial to surviving those days when my kiddos are perhaps not at their finest and really putting my mothering skills to the test.

But hands down, in my opinion, the MOST IMPORTANT reason we all need to stop saying that running is “just for us” is this: childhood obesity is at near epidemic proportions in the U.S. and that doesn’t go away by changing what the school cafeteria serves at lunch or holding classroom sessions on nutrition. Changing that problem, starts with us moms. Period.

You and I both know that our children are watching our every move. If we are eating healthy, they are too. They don’t have much choice in the matter since we put it on their plates. If we are exercising, they are too. Now, every kid’s different and running may not be the exercise of choice for yours, but every time you run, you are at the very least setting an example of health and fitness for your child (and for that matter, everyone around you, including that mom of three that just passed you by in her car.) You are showing them that yes, it IS important to exercise, but it is not uncommon for your little ones to want to jump on the running bandwagon too. I’ve seen it time and again.

Even on the days you DON’T want to go run and it’s not all happy happy joy joy as you prepare to do so, you are STILL teaching your kids an important lesson. You’re teaching them that everything in life is not always fun. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do just because it’s important and/or the right thing to do. And for all of us, there are days when running is one of those things.

But I’m not done. Through running you teach your kids about: goal setting, the importance of training and preparedness for meeting those goals, perseverance, determination, commitment, hard work, good sportsmanship, the list could really go on and on. Become a charity runner and a whole world of possibilities of things to teach your children opens up. Far more than just giving = good, not that that’s a bad lesson for them to learn, but also learning about various issues that effect this planet and everyone on it, money management, saving, fundraising, writing, public speaking, empathy, to name just a few.

So I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here mamas, but whether you like it or not, running is NOT the one thing you do just for yourself. Your runs are important for your entire family. (Remember THAT the next time the couch is calling or you feel like your running shoes have turned to cinder blocks on a tough run. It’ll be far more difficult to succumb to the temptation at hand).

But the good news is now you need to go pick something else to do just for you!  A nap, coffee with a girlfriend, a movie with your sister, a trip to the spa for a much needed pedicure or massage, or even just a 15 minute bubble bath with a good book, those are things just for you.

Although, now that I’m thinking about it, taking a little mental break and doing something like the above, is probably necessary for maintaining sanity while raising children, so even those too may be more for the fam than it actually is for mom. Oh man, is it even possible for a mom to do something just for herself? Hmmm…
'Til next time...

P.S. Time is running out on the giveaway for Boresha’s fat burning coffee or tea (AND to see the before and after pictures of my husband and tell him what a stud he is)! Be sure to get in now before you miss your chance!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Train Like A Mother Winners & The Story Behind the Picture

DSCF1263 So first off, you have to know THAT is not the ocean, THAT is the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan. Yep, we’ve got white sandy beaches here in MI and large gorgeous bodies of water with no fish like animals that could eat you in them. If you’ve never been here, seriously, you should consider it. Here I’ll help you. Here’s our tourism link. You will not be disappointed. I promise you that!

Basically the story to the picture you’ve all been captioning goes: we were vacationing on Lake Michigan and like most children on vacation, my little Tiger of a 3 year old had a rough time falling asleep in the hotel. She was far too excited. So every night she’d stay up way later than she should and every morning we’d wake her up to get on with the day. On this day in particular, she had been bouncing around “stomping seaweed” (there wasn’t any, but that’s what she said she was doing anyway) and right in the middle of a serious seaweed stomp, came this huge yawn. I just happened to have my camera handy. You are seeing a rare childhood moment here where exhaustion and excitement have collided. Now you know, “the rest of the story”…

But I know, I know, what you REALLY want to know is who won Train Like A Mother?! Right? Well, let me tell you…

The winner of drawing #1, which everybody and anybody who wanted to be included in the giveaway was, IS…


Now, on the bonus drawing, we took the captions with the top 5 votes on FB and chose one winner. First, I know you all want to hear the winning captions. So here they are…

Bobby Brigman: This sand is going to absolutely destroy my mani-pedi!

Keighty Brigman: WAIT... This ISN'T where Finding Nemo 2 was filmed?!

Shannon Johnson Allstott: Oh.My.Gawd. You did *not* just splash me.

Teri L Stevens: Would someone please pull the fish out of my bathing suit NOW!!

Anne Erickson Harms: This ocean is way colder than the bath tub, Mom!


Funny eh?  And the winner of the bonus drawing is…



For those of you who are wondering, winners were randomly selected by my 6 year old from a big bowl of names written on little slips. If you happen to be one of those two winners, congratulations! And please email me at and I’ll fill you in on the details. If not, no worries. More giveaways to come shortly of course! And you could always order yourself a copy right over here.

Thank-you to everyone who participated this time around. You all had me cracking up on pretty much a daily basis! And thank-you also to the fine ladies of Train Like A Mother, Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, for sending me the book and letting me give a copy away. If you are not following along on their adventures, you should be. They are informative, hilarious, inspiring, AND they give away tons of free stuff. The pool’s bigger to chose the winners from, but the gear is seriously good. You can find the pair and a bevy of mother runners on FB here.

 'Til next time...

P.S. There’s still time to get in on the giveaway for some of Boresha’s “fat burning” coffee and/or tea. Right now, odds are looking pretty good! Don’t miss out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Change of Plans

So…you might have noticed, I didn’t run the Warrior Dash.

I’m also not going to be able to run that marathon I’ve been training for in Marquette next month.

Nor am I going to be running that FREE entry to the Brooksie Way Half Marathon I bugged you all mercilessly to help me win.

In fact, I haven’t even run at all in almost two weeks.

I’m pregnant. SURPRISE! :-)

We had some tense moments at the beginning and my doctor substantially cut my mileage back to no more than 3-4 miles at an easy pace. Me being the worry wart that I am decided maybe I just ought to put things on hold until we knew more.

But I went back to see the doc yesterday and all signs look good! He said based off of the training I had been doing, even with the little hiatus these past couple weeks, I could keep running, 8-10 miles max, keep it easy, although I’m thinking more along the lines of 3-5 and taking that extra time I would have been running and just SLEEPING. Either way it looks like that gorgeous fall marathon I was looking so forward to running will have to happen some other time. For now, I’ve got another more important marathon to tackle.

Besides, I know you all love those pregnant running posts of mine and were going through withdrawls, so I’m really just trying to keep my target audience happy, that’s all ;-)

 'Til next time...

P.S. Don’t forget to get in on the giveaways! Win one of two copies of Train Like a Mother by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell here. Win a box of Boresha’s fat burning coffee or tea here. Good luck!